The Lord is My Shepherd…hallelujah!

It felt like a bulldozed voice Vol- canoeing from atop a mountain with a righteous announcement. The actual location was not Mount Sinai, (that Moses climbed according to Biblical records) but the Clarice Center in College Park Maryland, November 13th, 2022. The occasion, FALL CHORAL SHOWCASE, with JASON MAX FERDINAND, as conductor. This two-and-a-half-hour programContinue reading The Lord is My Shepherd…hallelujah!


Picture taken from cover of playbill. The “street courthouse” is often where one gets the bare knuckles interpretation of what’s happening in politics, sports, and entertainment. For example, “Did O.J. kill Nicole? In Baltimore Maryland, to get the “street” interpretation, required a trip downtown to Lexington Market. The views were aplenty, without solicitation. When BarakContinue reading LISTEN UP JIVE TURKEY, THE PRESIDENT IS BLACK!

Frankenstein by design

Victor Frankenstein, the mad scientist is redesigned by a woman Danielle Mohlman. Not only does she make him evil, but he is bisexual. This interpretation throws one’s head in circles, almost destroying prior knowledge about the original Frankenstein. One line said, “destroy a man who wants to destroy me”. Women revolution? This Frankenstein at theContinue reading Frankenstein by design