Can Baltimore Gain Dignity Through Struggle

Backdrop for dancers at Towson University, showing solidarity for the

Backdrop for dancers at Towson University, showing solidarity for the “unheard”

Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP and Anna Deavere Smith, Actress/Activist.

Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP and Anna Deavere Smith, Actress/Activist.

Koli Tengeila, teacher/activst

Koli Tengeila, teacher/activst

What would bring native Baltimorean/Renown Actress of television, stage and film, ANNA DEAVERE SMITH, and the hard hitting proud President, and Director Counsel of the NAACP, SHERRILYN IFILL, together? In this case to announce a” finding” to benefit the “unheard”.

In the finding, the “unheard”, those without  voice, (in forums of policy making) have lost their self esteem, lost their dignity, and the many teens see school, as an avenue to prison. Is this not sad?

Smith has written about the Los Angeles California riots of 1992, and about the United States Health Care System. Has appeared  in the TV series West Wing, Nurse Jackie, and has taken the stories of the down trodden to the stage as a humanities effort.

The little girl who graduated from Western High School in Baltimore, is an icon, who will turn 65 this September, and is once more looking to be a champion for the “unheard”.

Ifill is not from Baltimore, but has been here long enough to wear the title. As President of the NAACP, her office is here. She has served on the faculty of the University of Maryland, and one easily misjudges her eloquence on law and strategy, by looking at her build, and toned down appearance. Like the legendary Annie Oakley (of the movies), she carries a gun, in fact two of them: President of the NAACP and Director Counsel of the Legal Defense and Educational Fund. The attached video gives you a snippet into what these women want to do for the “unheard” in Baltimore. The date is June 3/2015. Also present was a young Baltimore man speaking for the “unheard” and KOLI TENGELLA, teacher/activist.



(L-R) Village Girl by Shu Chin Liu; Woman Holding Bird, by Allyn Harris, and Three Little Goats by Mu Heng

The summer 2015 is here, and Baltimore is trying to right the negative events of the Spring.

Arts and Craft exhibitions flourish in the summer, with visitors making the Inner Harbor a “must see”.

“There’s only one place to really see all of Baltimore”, a quote from the Baltimore Office of Promotions & The Arts. And where would that be? Atop the World Trade Center, promoted as the world’s tallest pentagonal building, because it has five sides.

There’s an art exhibition on the top floor of this building, and as we are asked to “orient” ourselves to Charm City, among the artists, are Orientals from China,  Mu Hang Tai (Three Little Goats); Shu Chun Liu (Village Girl); CHENG JU LI, who has an undying infatuation with American writer, Ernest Hemingway (See Video).

While on the 27th floor, I checked on some exhibits on the other side of the floor: Rocks from the area where Flight 93 (terrorist attack 9/2011) crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania; steel fragments from the devastation of New York World Trade Center in 9/11.

Washington D.C. has THE MONUMENT, Baltimore has the pentagon (sic), enjoy the overlook, and the exhibit.