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4 of the colors of Ginger, at An die musik.

It’s a root, and at first, it appears brown in color. Wash it a little, there appears the beginning of a yellow hue, and a little redness may show up. 

Red ginger though, is a flower, not the root. Some men fall deeply in love with “red heads” even describe them as “ginger red foxes”. It’s that red flower…endorphins catalyst. 

“ROOTS”, whenever audible, is often linked to the black man, and invariably its referencing the musical atmosphere, connoting the “BLUES” .

Hence when a “roots” artist is in performance, no one really knows the “hue” of his/her tone until the recital is heard or seen in total. 

I have never heard of JOEL SANTIAGO until last week, and that he and his group play Haitian music! So, I streamed An die Musik on Charles Street Baltimore Md. 

I was hearing Zouk, KompaBoleros, Reggae, all, as expected,.. the African diaspora roots landscape. Then I began to hear some whistling. This was not the traditional Roy Rogers of the Western Movies whistling; it was the kind I grew up with, often heard done by street corner singers, or men having had “the happy experience”, where they saw the skies open, and like Tarzan, were beating their chests in exultation! 


But no one way singing!  Where then was this whistling coming from?

From the guitar of JOSEPH “Fan Fan”  LEWIS. So melodious, he made the guitar behave like a violin in serenade. 

He is no doubt, brown ginger color,… and in love with his red head, the guitar. 

(An die Musik continues to stream throughout this pandemic period, it costs less than a cup of coffee, at your high end coffee house). 






Why did you sign that contract? Now you are unhappy. Did you have to say yes to your daughter marrying that guy !?  The job you had did not pay well, you jumped ship, and after a few months, you are unemployed.  

You know you did not do it for love. She was not that good, and less adequate!  

 What made you choose him, looks, what about substance? 

You knew the pastor was a voyeur, you left him and joined a church with a petrophile as leader, and now, you are following one who shockingly, is a pedophile! 

Politically, before today, you joined the Pan-African movement, was overjoyed to be alive to see America’s first black President, Barack Obama.  

Thereafter you stayed home in 2016. Your friends like Jim Brown and Steve Harvey got excited about the man with carrot colored hair, who promised more money in “your pockets” and better health care, and now the pandemic has hit, African American leaders are repeating what Africans have always done, sell their own to the money men. And there is another set of elections coming up, a bunch of repeats running, and I know, you are emotional, instead of thoughtful.

It is the repeat of the Pied Piper, who not only took the rats, but the children as well; the Jewish High Priest who opted for Barabbas and not Jesus. Maybe I should research whether Judas Iscariot, was a man of color, as Nimrod was. 


WHERE WE STAND, is the current Baltimore Center Stage play. At the end of the play, all the above emotions and more, were popping through my veins. This play took me from the land of the Pharaohs right to today in America, especially Baltimore, Md. The foreigners saw more value in what the Africans had, than the Africans themselves. 

“Who the hell are you?” is not just a question emitted by actress DONETTA LAVINIA GRAYS, it could be used by each of us, for self-examination. 


See the play, send me your comments: 




Number one and three are the same, with flu-like symptoms. I have heard and read that this has something to do  with the CREATOR; GOD, telling mankind HE is unhappy; some have reached out to their congregants, that “the end is near!” 1 John 2:17.

Further research makes that end comparable to that of Noah’s Day (the Flood), only the “chosen” or qualifiers survived that disaster.

Are we going through a similar experience here in 2020? The residents of this world probably thought the same thing in 1918 (the Spanish Flu, from 1918 to 1920), with the death toll as high as close to 100 Million. But it was not the end of the world.

So this flu/ virus is not from The Almighty, Jehovah, God, Allah, Yeshua, or Vishnu. Then where is it from, you may ask?

From mankind, us! Who is responsible for the rise of temperature in the Swiss Alpine mountains?

Farmers who depend on rainfall, are running out of water, including the continent of South America, where I grew up!

History shows the changes in our environment began with the Industrial Revolution, when the world turned from an agrarian and handcrafting economy, to industrial; (18th/19 centuries).  Smoke pipes sprung up. The horse and buggy gave way to the railroad, followed by automobiles, that filled the air with smoke contaminants.                                                      

Factories became the engines of industry, no matter what the product was. Today, where are most of those factories located? Sing the fan-fair notes, “tan, ta, ta…!”


Which country has the most investments in China ? The United States! Bear in mind that China does not have to meet the safety rules and regulations of manufacturers/industrialists, as those here in the USA, or in Europe.

 So what happens when an accident occurs there, in an industrial plant ? It is like a tsunami, blowing winds across the entire industrial world, and we all feel it, it our noses and in our pockets.

That is what we have in CORONA VIRUS, aka: COVID-19.

As for Corona, (number two, PICTURED ABOVE) which comes from Mexico, the need for a respirator becomes imminent, only when you drink it hurriedly.

That drink you can cool in a stream in the South American jungle; or in a plastic cooler, made in China; at home sitting on a stoop or under a tent, (since we are confined to home, until the pandemic passes), reflecting on the summer of 2019, in Druid Hill Park, Baltimore Md






Our history is ping ponged with a plethora of unfortunates such as the deaths of Elvis Presley, James Dean, Whitney Houston, Otis Redding, and not necessarily in the same breath, Jeffrey Epstein, Jeffery Dahmer, Michael Jackson., Richard Pryor. 

The Jeffrey Dummer Experience (Artist Wayne Hollowell)

For some we mourn. In the 1960’s, the phrase “only the good die young” became popular. For most who purported that concept, they had fried brains, from smoking weed, and chemically converted crack cocaine to liquid, with tea spoons and Bic lighters. 

Rebecca, (Artist Alix Tobey Southwick)
Elizabeth Taylor (Wayne Hollowell)
RUPaul (Wayne Hollowell)

Along the way, figures of Majesty passed away, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Minnie Riperton, Toni Morrison, Carol Channing, Frank Robinson, Doris Day, Princess Diana. 

Askance, many of those figures have kissed quite a few, into valleys of fortune. Artists interpretations have attracted scores of big spending admirers, who have bought painted portraits of these figures for their friends and associates to sit back and reflect on the “whys?” of such past occurrences. Kisses of delight!

On such occasions, nothing to alter the mind is served, just dry wine and cheese from a gourmet rack.

On this evening I am at the STILLPOINTE THEATRE, in the Baltimore Md. Art District, featuring artists: WAYNE HOLLOWELL and ALIX TOBEY SOUTHWICK.

Preservation of A Legacy

A banner for life.

Ever heard of the RAZZY DAZZY SPASM BAND?  Believe it or not, this group existed in New Orleans in the late 1890’s. “spasm” has a sexual connotation (sperm), Rocketlike action. SPUNK, JUMP, “FLOUNCE”. Such action words were used at parties, weddings, funerals, and especially at Xmas celebrations in the Caribbean and South America. Describing the actions of “folk” dancing and singing to the beat of drums, contorting their bodies as though conjugating in public! The Bible toting prelates raised their hands in chastising fashion. The speed and agility of the participants attracted crowds of onlookers, and imitators who jumped into the ring of participants to show “their” stuff. Who were these people, and where did they come from? 

Africans, who came to the New World as slaves and brought their traditional musical “spunk/Jump” talents for all to see. This music was done by “street” folks, raw talent, with no sophisticated instruments. It entered the dance halls and juke joints in New Orleans.  What is now “line dancing” had an early marriage where “swing” was infiltrated by this African “jump/sperm” music. By the 1920’s, it was not “gism” or “jism”, but straight out, JAZZ! 

Born in America, and the only music the republic can claim as its own. This year 2020, JAZZ is 100 years old. A class action suit for royalties to be paid to all Africans who can trace their parentage to New Orleans of the 1890’s, should be filed.

The National Association for Music Education (NAME) showcased The Maryland 2020 ALL STATE SENIOR (High School) JAZZ BAND, which coincided within Black History Month. Mariama Boney is the outgoing Executive Director of NAME:

And now for your viewing pleasure, in performance at UMBC (University of Md. Baltimore County): 

The Maryland All State Senior Jazz Band, conducted by Steve Fidyk.



It was the desire of the 16th President of the United States (Abraham Lincoln) to collate a perfect union. Some rich aristocrats, among them the Booth family, Southerners, disagreed. In his quest, he incorporated black slaves into the military, gave them citizenship, and thus cowered the South, when General Lee surrendered. This act triggered Lincoln’s assassination on April 14th, 1865. 

Fast forward to today on the verge of the 2020 elections, the country’s division has once again platooned to the surface. Barak Obama became the first black president in 2008, and in his quest to resurge Abraham Lincoln’s policy, including taxing the rich “fairly”, the South has “raised its ugly head”. In the 1860’s it was about property, and today it is the same, the attack on “income inequality”; the rich are not having it. 

The State of Virginia has been the hotbed of American politics, a state within a stone’s throw of the capital city of Washington DC., yet outside of Fairfax County, where the “yuppies and buppies” live, Charlottesville is a contrast. 

Desegregation of the public-school system in America began in Virginia, yet pockets of racism are evident throughout. (USA TODAY, Dec. 5, 2019) 

JEFFREY BLOUNT, an African American journalist from Virginia is making an appeal to his white liberal friends, to “rise up” against subtle racism, he has couched it in the form of a novel, THE EMANCIPATION OF EVAN WALLS. 

He was at the Eldersburg Public Library, in Carroll County Md., a few weeks ago. (Feb. 11th, 2020) 


Sopranist DAVID D. MARSHALL, with mother Pamela Marshall.

When people of my generation recall great tenors, they are very few: Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, and of course, the American- Italian, Mario Lanza, famous for, “O Sole Mio” (My Sunshine).
In the African American community, the tenor that won the hearts, and goose bumped women of all ages, was, and still is, Johnny Mathis. Who could forget, THE 12TH OF NEVER, MISTY, and MARIA, from the film, WEST SIDE STORY.
As we entered the 1970’s, RUSSEL THOMPKINS Jr., became he lead tenor for the STYLISTICS,… STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. The women in Philadelphia went “buck wild” throwing unmentionables on stage.
But what happens when a tenor voice moves from a “C” to an “A” note? I am told sopranos cannot hold such high notes for very long, for the overwhelming power it takes to sustain that level, where it does not sound like a scream, equivalent to that of a fire engine en route!
When this feat is attempted by tenors, the Europeans describe the climb as “vocal fachs”.(fax; specialization)

DAVID D. MARSHALL is one of them. From Baltimore Md., he holds a Master of Music Degree from Shenandoah Conservatory. From the inner city of Baltimore, went to Peabody Preparatory, while associated with Shiloh Baptist Church, in spirit and song.
He debuted his new art form in 2020, at the University of Md. Baltimore County. I was there to witness it.


You’ve been running for your life, clutching your cloth doll with one hand, with the other in your mother’s. 

You’ve jumped into bushes, trenches, dodged bullets and search dogs. Finally, you are on a steamship heading for America. 

I am watching a documentary entitled NOBODY WANTS US, about the agony of one of many Jewish girls escaping the Nazi holocaust and the Russian enslavement. 

America! “Give me your tired, your poor”, held the ship at sea for weeks, then sent it to Mexico. The Mexicans turned the ship away; now what? 

Immigrant father and daughter drowned trying to cross the Mexican border(Photo Abrahan Pineda)

In Roanoke Virgina, a group of Jews had settled prior to the 1940’s, and offered to help. Jewish lawyers were filing law suits to force the American government to have the refugees come ashore. The President was Franklin D. Roosevelt. His wife Eleanor could not bear the suffering of the children and got involved, paving the way for the disembarkment. 

 It has been 75 years since. Are the circumstances being repeated, this time on the Southern Border of the United States? 

Is America setting up, would be, concentration camps on the border?  

For every 10,000 people arriving, 34 are allowed in (Center for Disaster Philosophy). Even though the majority of seekers are from Central America, the Trump administration “clamp down”, affects Cubans, Africans, Indians and Venezuelans. 

Our American motto since 1956 is, “IN GOD WE TRUST”. At Matthew 9: 36, the commentator watching Jesus said, “when he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” 

COMPASSION!!! Where is the manifestation? It has been replaced by “me first!!” 

Here are some comments on the film, “NOBODY WANTS US.”: 


The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., may not have said it that way, and then again neither did Jesus, who said “love your neighbor as yourself”. Who is your neighbor? 

In Baltimore today, that sentiment, action and enduring principle, (LOVE) has seeped to a state of Gehenna (where the dead are thrown into a dump filled with Sulphur). 

African Americans, past 1965, and 1968 (Dr. King’s death), sang the Negro spirituals with fervor, vowing to build and not tear down institutions and each other. 

But, “thank God at last!” has only left Martin’s mouth, to his “peoples” ears. 

African Americans have “overcome”; Baltimore has had five (black) mayors, with almost five times as much murders through the period, the mayoral characters ranging from a Rhodes scholar to a journeyman. Did they keep Martin’s promise, “I got your back!”? 

Let’s turn the page to look a more inspiring example of Dr. King’s dream. 

Two brothers, two years apart, both African Americans. One pursued music, as a DJ, the other as a jazz saxophonist. Then the hand in hand genie popped up in their heads, “why not combine our talents together, and make music?”  “I got your back, bro!”, thus gave birth to THE KEYMAKERS.  

When they came to Baltimore, Md., the eve of MLK’s week, (Jan. 18th, 2020), through pouring rain from Rhode Island (rain, perhaps symbolic of Baltimore tears) they came, to be seen and heard. I was there too, to say, “I got you!”, to, REDERICK and ROME ALEXANDER. 

2 of 31 Rescued

Baltimore listed 31 percent, African American teenagers at the end of 2018. The question floating around, attached to a fictitious rogue drone is, how many will live beyond age 35? 

Radio talk show hosts kept browbeating the question of how many residents are leaving the city for better pastures; however, they have no suggestions practical enough for serious consideration. 

My suggestion is, until you give dignity to the African American male at or below the poverty level, you are creating a cesspool of immorality and violence. Whoever is serious, can contact me for details. 

Two teenagers, spotted from childhood are assured an exodus out of this “Babylon”. 

EBBAN and her brother EPHRAIM are musical prodigies, looking to further their education at colleges either on the East or West Coast. I caught up with them at a Christmas, 2019, scholarship breakfast. 

The JAZZEXPRESSWAYS FOUNDATION hosted the event in Baltimore, with ROSA PRYOR leading the event, accompanied by feature artists THE GREG HATZA ORGANIZATION: