(L-R) Village Girl by Shu Chin Liu; Woman Holding Bird, by Allyn Harris, and Three Little Goats by Mu Heng

The summer 2015 is here, and Baltimore is trying to right the negative events of the Spring.

Arts and Craft exhibitions flourish in the summer, with visitors making the Inner Harbor a “must see”.

“There’s only one place to really see all of Baltimore”, a quote from the Baltimore Office of Promotions & The Arts. And where would that be? Atop the World Trade Center, promoted as the world’s tallest pentagonal building, because it has five sides.

There’s an art exhibition on the top floor of this building, and as we are asked to “orient” ourselves to Charm City, among the artists, are Orientals from China,  Mu Hang Tai (Three Little Goats); Shu Chun Liu (Village Girl); CHENG JU LI, who has an undying infatuation with American writer, Ernest Hemingway (See Video).

While on the 27th floor, I checked on some exhibits on the other side of the floor: Rocks from the area where Flight 93 (terrorist attack 9/2011) crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania; steel fragments from the devastation of New York World Trade Center in 9/11.

Washington D.C. has THE MONUMENT, Baltimore has the pentagon (sic), enjoy the overlook, and the exhibit.

His Life With Two Wives

Nancy Robinette, playing the sorcerer

Nancy Robinette, playing the sorcerer. Photo by ClintBphotography.

She was beautiful, the look of actress Candace Bergen of the 1970’s; adorable, attractive, eye blinding. After seven years of this bliss, she died, diagnosis, cardiac arrest. Subsequently he meets another, gets married, and after five years of bliss, it happened. No, the second wife did not die, but the first one reappeared, back from the dead.

His turmoil begins afresh, for he can have conversations with her, but no one else can. At dinner with the second wife, wife number one would ask him a question, he is forced to answer, at which point wife number two would want to know to whom he is talking. After a while he runs out of excuses, and confesses that wife number one has returned as a ghost and is haunting him.

Wife number one usually disappears, at which time he is able to talk to wife number two without interruptions. Him and wife number two plan to get rid of  ghost  wife by engaging a sorcerer. At the same time wife number one feels that since she is dead, no one should get her husband, she plans to kill her, so both his wives would be dead.

How did this triad turn out? I would not tell, however it is in the play BLITHE SPIRIT (Til Death Do Us Part), now running at Everyman Theatre.

Nancy Robinette, as the sorcerer is quite convincing. There are several take-a ways from this play, probably for men whose loved ones are gone to the great beyond, yet keep holding on and preventing them from falling in love again. And of course there are those true life stories of divorced wives not letting go, using the children of the union to put men in jail, even get them killed. What a life, you know who you are, get a life!