MICHAEL JACKSON (A John Waters Collection) John Waters is now Baltimore Maryland’s premiere and most celebrated filmmaker. He has arrived to age 76, this year. He is known for the “unpleasant” and “outlandish”, and in some circles ‘crazy”. An outlier for sure. Especially with titles like BUTT BOY, HAIRSPRAY, MULTIPLE MANIACA and PECKER to nameContinue reading “VALUE DEPENDS ON THE COLLECTORS FORSIGHT”


Why Did Serena Williams Lose? Hailed as the greatest female tennis player ever! The little girl “straight outta Compton” was on the verge of winning all the major tennis tournaments in a calendar year. Has not been done since 1988! One more to go, THE US OPEN in New York! Madison Keys, the tall, AfricanContinue reading “WHY DID SERENA WILLIAMS LOSE”

I Will Fight For This

It had just begun to rain, as various leaders of the community took their seats. Cops, police officers, of high and low rank, suited, unsuited, in uniform, all, mingling. We were awaiting the arrival of Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, and newly minted, acting Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis. It’s a Public Safety Forum. This isContinue reading “I Will Fight For This”