I Will Fight For This

It had just begun to rain, as various leaders of the community took their seats. Cops, police officers, of high and low rank, suited, unsuited, in uniform, all, mingling. We were awaiting the arrival of Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, and newly minted, acting Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis. It’s a Public Safety Forum. This isContinue reading “I Will Fight For This”

Can Baltimore Gain Dignity Through Struggle

What would bring native Baltimorean/Renown Actress of television, stage and film, ANNA DEAVERE SMITH, and the hard hitting proud President, and Director Counsel of the NAACP, SHERRILYN IFILL, together? In this case to announce a” finding” to benefit the “unheard”. In the finding, the “unheard”, those without  voice, (in forums of policy making) have lostContinue reading “Can Baltimore Gain Dignity Through Struggle”

Lord Baltimore Revisited

LORD BALTIMORE REVISTED  In 1928, the Lord Baltimore Hotel was built, and for the most part it was a segregated hotel, until the late 1950’s. This hotel has gone through several owners: closed in 1982, renovated and reopened in 1985, bankruptcy 1987, was part of the Radisson group in the 1980’s; sold again, then reopenedContinue reading “Lord Baltimore Revisited”


https://theculturepage.com/2015/07/13/maryland-recognizes-its-masters-of-arts At the 5th annual festival, I was exposed to Kwame Brew, a master West African Drummer, in Anne Arundel County. The art and skill of crab picking from Somerset County, the New Baltimore Hand Dance Association of Baltimore. A hearty welcome to Korean Drumming by Sabatian Wang, Montgomery County, and a group I neverContinue reading “MARYLAND RECOGNIZES ITS MASTERS OF ARTS”


The summer 2015 is here, and Baltimore is trying to right the negative events of the Spring. Arts and Craft exhibitions flourish in the summer, with visitors making the Inner Harbor a “must see”. “There’s only one place to really see all of Baltimore”, a quote from the Baltimore Office of Promotions & The Arts.Continue reading “OVERLOOKING THE BALTIMORE BAY”

His Life With Two Wives

She was beautiful, the look of actress Candace Bergen of the 1970’s; adorable, attractive, eye blinding. After seven years of this bliss, she died, diagnosis, cardiac arrest. Subsequently he meets another, gets married, and after five years of bliss, it happened. No, the second wife did not die, but the first one reappeared, back fromContinue reading “His Life With Two Wives”