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RUFF ENDZ with Fans

The time was around the 16th century, when the continent of South America was being fought over by European gold seekers, with the help of their monarchs. Eventually the continent’s dominance was split among the British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

To ship the newly discovered gold, diamonds, and sugar to the markets in Europe, the Transatlantic Slave Trade was enacted. Almost 13 million slaves shipped from Africa to the “new world”, starting with the incorrectly named West Indies.

It was around the 1850’s a British Guiana one penny stamp was minted; today that stamp is being sold at a Sotheby auction for 10 to 15 million dollars.

British Guiana gained independence in the 1960’s, (now Guyana) and is exporting under its own terms: gold, bauxite, and sugar, and other valuable commodities.

The reverse transatlantic action has come with the former slaves offspring conquering the UK, and the USA with their talents in many fields including music.

Ruff Endz with fans in Baltimore MD.

Here in Baltimore MD., there is the talented duo, RUFF ENDZ, of which DAVID CHANCE is a partner. David is from Guyana (as I am) and comes from a large family of highly talented musicians, with a strong religious background. I’ve watched most of them grow to adulthood.

David and I are both expatriates. So, on hearing RUFF ENDZ, a Billboard Charted group, performing locally, I was delighted to be present.




Youth Color Guard (Elks Camp, Crownsville MD.)

By my estimate, we were about 500 to 600 in this large ballroom. Probably 1,000 or more if we were outside; but the inclement weather discouraged many, it seemed.

Refreshments were aplenty, as were the laughter and smiling faces. Some came on crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and other attachments to show they were alive and wanted to be there.

I am in Crownsville Maryland at a Voiceraiser Concert, to honor military veterans. So, besides the non-alcoholic beverages, food, a raffle, and roses for several women, melodious voices are to be heard.

“WE are reminded that the cost of freedom is great, and we are forever grateful for the sacrifices your loved ones have made for our country”

That’s a quote from the program. This 3rd Annual event is to benefit military veterans, and their loved ones.

There was tension in the room when all veterans were asked to stand, and the countdown began to determine who was the oldest veteran present. He was 89 years old.

Here’s a video summary of what took place.

C’était genial (THAT WAS GREAT!)


It is a country with a population of just over 6 million people, A little Arizona or Tennessee even Maryland. But it has been through so much! From tribal leaders to the Germans, the British, French, and back to self-rule, since 1960.

Visitors are attracted to the white sandy beaches and cherished sculptures carved by natives. This West African coastal spot does not get the attention as does its neighbors Ghana or Guinea. So, imagine getting a glimpse of Togo’s musical culture without having to go there.

I went to Greenbelt Maryland to the NEW DEAL CAFÉ, to see and hear DOGO, leader of DOGO DU TOGO.

It was great!

DOGO DU TOGO Band, at New Deal Café.






This being overtaken by “the spirit” has consequences, such as romance, murder, divorce, arson, and DUI.

We can easily see what was the “spirit” of POTUS, when he urged his followers to arrive at the Capitol on Jan, 6th, 2021, and “be wild!”

What was the spirit that filled Garner Ted Armstrong to tell his followers they can be healed of their illnesses by placing their hands on the radio while he was supposedly talking to God?

I was in Frederick Maryland a few weeks ago. I stopped at this place named TENTH WARD, a distilling company. I wanted to find out what was the pervading spirit here. The brochure said, “unusual and unconventional spirits.” You walk in with one spirit and leave with several. The company is owned by a woman, and the servers are women.

There was another spirit filling the air that evening, the spirit of WILD WHISPERS.

Let’s find out what happens when there is no alcohol, but a heap of bodies, and attached to them are musical instruments, when played, punch you in the stomach, attack your knees, make you want to jump out your chair, and scream uncontrollably!

THE PROVERBS REGGAE BAND, was at Joe’s Emporium in Mount Rainier MD. (Prince Georges County)

Reggae Princess
The Queen made an appearance




But before that, it’s party like “it’s 1999”! There is one word to summarize the headline, and the first sentence of this article, is CARNIVAL!!!

The European settlers brought this concept to the Columbus “New World” in the 1400’s, and the slaves took to it with gusto. Brazil, Guyana, the islands between Florida and Guianas in South America, (British, French and Dutch) have Carnivals in some form.

PRETTY MASS (girl group)

The slaves in particular saw themselves, as taught by padres and the like, as preparing themselves to walk the path of Christ for 40 days, a cleansing period before his ascension to heaven.

That period in Western Religious circles is called LENT, from March to April. Just before that starts, eat drink, procreate, “get on bad” (Trinidad and Tobago); for thereafter begins the 40 days of giving up “the nasty”.

In the Caribbean islands and South America, the freed slaves children became politicians and legislators, and thus turned Carnival into an explosion of music, dance, color, fashion, and wanton conjugations, without crossing the lines of sexual nudity.

WES MOORE (Gubernatorial Candidate and WIFE DAWN, at Baltimore Washington One Carnival, July 2022



Image Courtesy of Global Internet Features (GIF)

It is a sigh of relief, and a cringe of agony when it is witnessed being executed, a la Derek Chauvin on George Floyd Jr.’s neck.

That foot pressure has killed many, re-arranged lives of survivors who live to tell of the relief and the horror. Remember “the middle passage”?

The 13 colonies under British rule in the 17th Century, could no longer bear the pain of that foot on their neck. A plot was configured, and in collaboration with the French, the 1776 revolution became a landmark in the history of the “settlers”.

Funny, and with indelible documentation, the settlers put their “foot” on the neck of another group of humans, who have a multistage plot to liberate themselves, however there is no collective block like France willing to step in and coalesce.

It is 246 years since the revolution. This July 4th, the celebration was voluminous, because for the past two years, the exuberance was stymied by a seemingly uncontrolled virus that was indiscriminate.

This figurative foot was descending upon the neck of mankind. An anecdote was found, and after 2 years the survivors in 2022 are celebrating. I had a front seat. This was in Columbia, Maryland, July 4th, 2022

Fireworks at the Columbia MD. Lake KITTAMAQUNDI



ANTIBALAS (Afro/Jazz/Spanish band from New York)

It is an infectious sound, that finds its way into your lymph nodes; your blood begins to curl, agitated, similar to the movement of an agitator in a wash machine; your feet begin to move, your waist finds a twist, elbows, hands, and you are now doing, believe it or not, the SALSA! Why?

Is it because you are of African descent? You look around and there they are, people of different colorations, even more expressive than you, convulsing, and screaming with excitement. What is it that generated all this? Immediately it came to me. It was not the horns, not the guitars, not the electric piano, it was the drums, the CONGAS.

Phot by Luz Mendoza

Made popular in Cuba by the slaves who came from the Congo, the Bantu region in Africa, where they played the Makuta.

I am at THE PUBLIK PLAYHOUSE in Hyattsville Maryland. On stage is ANTIBALAS, an American Brooklyn New York group, famous for Afro Jazz. It is the slum music of Havana’s Congo slaves mixed with the European music of the Spanish Conquistadors.

Have you ever heard WATERMELLON MAN featuring Mongo Santamaria on congas? It is what elevated the conga instrument to world class recognition.

JUNE has youthful significance. For African Americans JUNETEENTH, has the rebirthing parlance for those associated with African blood, but denied it, with make-up and wigs. Ate fried chicken only at home and not in public. Danced ballet in public but prefer the electric slide and boogaloo.

All pretense was bagged at The Public Playhouse. Funk, jazz, salsa, were all bellowing; and I can see and hear, MONGO.



AFRAM/Baltimore MD.

After 2 years of absence, the African American (AFRAM) festival returned to Baltimore. COVID-19 struck, and the world including us here in Baltimore, sought refuge in our homes,


African Americans could not celebrate their heritage in public, with dance, music, clothing, and food.

Then we heard the announcement, “YOU CAN COME OUT NOW!!!” It was almost reminiscent of the Jews crossing the Jordan river, as they escaped the hold of the Pharaohs while in Egypt as slaves.

2022 is the Bonus year! The President of the United States legitimized the celebration by making it a National Holiday. On June 19th, 1865, slaves were declared FREE PEOPLE. (With nothing but their symbolic duffle bags) It took 157 years for the descendants of the slave owners to make a significant step towards parity. AFRAM and JUNETEENTH in simultaneous fervor!


Held in the biggest park in Baltimore, Druid Hill, and free to the public for two days. THECULTUREPAGE chroniclers’ day was Sunday June 19th, 2022. The headline musical group was the OJAYS of Ohio.

THE OJAYS, will perform without Eddie Lavert (down with Covid-19).

How to know you are in LOVE!


Cover of Playbill

Psychologists, on advising women say, they should feel a tingling, butterfly sensations, racing of the heart, sweats, toes warming, eyes watering, chests heaving, tongues that won’t say “hello!”

Some women have dated over 120 men, before Mr. 121 became, HIM!

I have no data as to what happened after the tsunamic experiences, if the 10’s went to 5’s or zeros.

The LOVE experience today is rather traumatic. People fall in love; some check the 10 categories, such as religion, finances, emotional compatibility, and years later prefer to be a different gender; or grow dislike for the closeness, hate meat, want to live in the wilderness, or prefer to be bi-sexual!

How about a husband finding video games and pot smoking more exciting than his wife, let alone children!

The STRAND Theater is now in Hamilton, in Baltimore MD. And is inviting the public to watch MARY KATE WILSON in LOVE.

It is a complex potpourri of our youth who are faced with technology, drugs, apathy, and just where to find love.