Baltimore Artists to fill Mini Billboards/Kiosks

(Example of stand alone Kiosk)

Did you know the word “billboard” was originated with a man whose name had the word board in it? He made signs for advertising purposes. Like “Xerox” or “Band Aid”, the product name had little to do with its purpose or fulfillment.

Concrete Beauty” by Takia Ross (Baltimore MD.)

Billboards have had an enormous impact on the human psyche; MARLBORO and LUCKY STRIKE, cigarette company brands raked in millions of dollars using billboards.

Remember the stand-alone phone booth? Then someone thought of inserting pictures on the sides for advertising purposes; that gave birth to the marketing Kiosk; much cheaper than billboards.

Truth Hurts” by Wickerham & Lomax (Baltimore MD.)

In Baltimore Md., there is this organization known as CURRENT SPACE.COM. The intent, to advertise local artists, hoping to provide recognition, and eventual renumeration.

The cry is out, loud, and clear, Baltimore, support your local artists!

Crooked Smiles” by Bryan Robinson (Baltimore MD.)

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