Gaby Echiverri (violin).

The headline was taken from a poetic song by Ging heut Morgan (1897).

Spaceship Landing: Jefferson Hirshman, Bruce Adams (guitars); Daniel Stuckenschneider (bass); Conner LeFevre (drums).

In summary he (Morgan) was delighted by the vegetation as it responded to the dawn of nature, when the world came alive, and in later years of maturity, that vegetation, unlike people, whose talents mature only with time and gentle coercion; then comes the embrace, very palpable and loud, … “you have made it!”.

The German composer had no idea that 225 years later, his classical song would be sung by a youthful African mezzo-soprano, NICOLE OKUNDAYE.

It was an Honors Showcase, night at UMBC (Baltimore County), presenting to the public what the “harvest” of musical talent has produced this year.

Nicole Johnson (piano).

DR. LISA CELLA, Chair of the Performing Arts program at the school, was nervous and excited, and like Morgan, her exuberance said, “Is it not a fine world!?”

What fine fruits, these bluebells, I say.

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