It happened this December on the East Side of Baltimore Md. A small group of believers decided to follow a man in his vision to save the inner-city black youth, from the speedy treadmill to nowhere. (Cash-app robberies, squeegeeing, flunking school, drugs, and alcohol abuse) He used what he has mastered successfully, music.

Urban Choral Arts Society Ensemble

How will this manifest itself? Music is not a mechanic shop, not an air conditioning or sheet metal factory! Not a bakery, brick laying industry, electrical apprenticeship, culinary arts! “Non- a -dat!” “Feel me?”

Ronal S. McFadden donned the robe, and proceeded to engage in acts of mercy, saving youth. He is perhaps as tall as his Master whom he is emulating and felt just as Jesus, with the wave of a hand changed the world, so can he with a baton.

Ronald wanted us to see how far he has come since 2015 and thought the messianic celebration month (December) was the time to do it; he formed THE URBAN CHORAL ARTS SOCIETY. Here’s what he gave us on December 13, 2022:

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The first Soprano in the video is Angel Strong -Archer, and not Maya Millsape, as it reads.



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