MICHAEL JACKSON (A John Waters Collection)

John Waters is now Baltimore Maryland’s premiere and most celebrated filmmaker. He has arrived to age 76, this year.

He is known for the “unpleasant” and “outlandish”, and in some circles ‘crazy”. An outlier for sure. Especially with titles like BUTT BOY, HAIRSPRAY, MULTIPLE MANIACA and PECKER to name a few.

PINK. (One of John’s favorite colors)

Over the years he has had many homes and several apartments, and in each of these he has decorated with collectibles to reflect his mood swings.

John, described in some circles as the grandfather of the underground cult of crossdressers, has apparently retired from filmmaking, so, what did he do with all his personal collection from 1964 to present?


Two of his friends, Catherine Opie and Jack Pierson have mounted a display at the Baltimore Museum of Art, for us to look at what John was thinking while at home, be it New York, San Francisco, or right here in Baltimore.

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