Picture taken from cover of playbill.

The “street courthouse” is often where one gets the bare knuckles interpretation of what’s happening in politics, sports, and entertainment. For example, “Did O.J. kill Nicole?

In Baltimore Maryland, to get the “street” interpretation, required a trip downtown to Lexington Market. The views were aplenty, without solicitation.

When Barak Hussein Obama won the Presidency of the United States in 2008, the real gut wrenching, “feet’s don’t fail me now! “shucking and jiving came from the bowels of that marketplace.

Before “yes sir!” had a certain kind of ring to it, alternately, “much respect you sir!” With Obama in office, it became, “yes saa!” with a smattering of sarcasm.

Brandi Porter (L) and Breon Arzell (courtesy Woolly Mammoth Theatre)

“We’s in charge now! Wanna know what I think of the Po, Po?”

Never in my wildest dreams, did I believe that a play filled with Ebonics would hit a major theater like CenterStage and get a “belly” of laughs.

This play looks at all the different shades of black language in America. Remember Tiger Woods (Cablinasian)? The educated would ask, “what is that?” Hazard a guess how the man in the street would ask that question.

AIN’T NO MO looks at the black man in jail, and his various “baby mamas”; since Obama is half white, half black, do you continue to call him “mixed breed” or something else?

The show is a riot, but you’ll be disappointed, no one gets shot!

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