LARGE MANDALA STONE by Oswald S. Copeland

Why would you want to paint a Mandala Stone? For those of us who lead busy lives, interacting with multiple personalities, some found in one person, achieving CALM is utopia!

This quest for peace and serenity by using Mandala stones, is popular in the Middle East, associated primarily with Hinduism, Buddhism.

The full effect is to paint while humming, blocking out the concentric circles of confusion, anarchy, selfishness, greed, invoking a deity to overcome you with an edifying spirit.

BOWIE MANSION on Tulip Grove Drive

Some of us get there singing songs based on the 66 books of the Bible, others smoke a “blunt”, making sounds while eating, or become excited after an inebriated night out.

I was curious. The invitation said, “Wine and Design at Belair Mansion”; so, after a 2-hour session of designing your own Mandala stones, pat yourself on the back with a refreshing beverage of your choice: Merlot, Sauvignon, Syrah, or water; not to mention great conversations with participants, and host/ instructress.

Small Mandala stone

At the end, I took a short walk inside the mansion, on Tulip Drive in Bowie MD. Original construction began in 1875; it is now a museum.

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