It is the title of a new film/documentary financed by the PEALE MUSEUN of Baltimore MD. An attempt to document what African Americans, (when they were called Negroes) did, to survive. From the 1900’s onwards; now the new survivor is THE SQUEEGEE KID, “WHO HAS ENTERPRENEURAL SKILLS”, (described by some of the well knowns in the city) that should be harnessed, channeled, rather than be harassed or prosecuted.

Why would the Peale do this? To show how entrepreneurial this brain thrust was; the film was made in 2019, and the media and the Baltimore population ignored it. Here we are in 2022, the Peale tries again, by getting the Reginal F. Lewis Museum to run a Free showing for public viewing consumption and sympathy. Many of us attending had scholarly interests. What does that tell you? The masses have no interest in the film/documentary.

Assembled panel of problem solvers concerning the Squeegee Kids .

I have written a letter about the squeegee kids and sent it to the Speaker of the House (MD. General Assembly) the candidates for Governor, and the Mayor’s Office. It has been two months, with no response from any party.

First, I am queasy about the documentary’s title. It implies and implicates disingenuousness, deceit, by any “means” seen fit by individuals, regardless of principled behavior. THAT IS TROUBLING. Look at Haiti today, the first African Republic in the Western Hemisphere, overrun by gangs, the population at large surviving “by any means necessary” Is that the forecast for the squeegee kid?

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