Dr. Mama Deborah, watching her peers do the Congo dance classes.

It became a great rage some 15 years ago. Described as sexually suggestive because of the rotation of the waistline to a consistent beat or rhythm. Movement similar to actions engaged in animal cohabitation.


In today’s world, such body action is associated with a particular age group and more so a race of women because of their prodigious endowment in the rear end.

“Hold Up!”

 They came with knee and ankle braces, some wearing t-Shirts with fortuitous messages; others with headwraps, and wearing no shoes, a preference for many of the attendees.

Are these seniors arriving at the Forest Park Senior Center to twerk?

Turns out, it’s more than hip and buttock gyrations, it’s a means of keeping in shape, covering a 40-yard auditorium for almost three hours nonstop, led by a native of Congo Brazzaville, Africa!!!

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