Out of Africa was a big Box Office movie hit, in 1985. It won Best Picture at the Oscars and grossed almost 230 million dollars.

Today I bring you OUT OF AFRICA with a different twist. About a man whose ancestors were part of the MAROONS of GHANA They were human cargo of the Dutch slave trade that brought slaves to South America to work on the plantations of Dutch Guiana, now called Suriname. There are 3 Guianas: French, Dutch and British.

Woman relaxing. Chair and table by wood carver, Adaiante Franszoon
Wood carver Adiante Franszoon, his agent, Jill Warzer, and Oswald S. Copeland.

ADIANTE FRANSZOOM is now living in Baltimore Maryland, the United States, and even though an educated man, he makes his living as a carver; the skills he mastered as a child. He recently held an exhibition of his work at the Creative Alliance in East Baltimore.

I later took a tour of his studio/workshop:

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