Omens from the size of the moon

It’s that time of the year: ghosts, goblins, tombs and talking to your ancestors. HALLOWEEN!!!

Mankind is so preoccupied with his longevity; THE PANDEMIC (Covid-19) has the same or perhaps a more dire impact than it did in 1918. (Spanish Influenza).

Millions have died because of COVID-19, the world is running scared. Insurance companies are being solicited, rather than the other way round.

Copy of playbill cover

Going back to the town you grew up in, could be a startling revelation: Miss Betty’s Coffee shop is no longer there. Gone also is Malcolm’s garage, and the sub shop.

You’re back home after 20 plus years. Your high school sweetheart, whom you married, died in childbirth, and many of your close friends came back home, to “OUR TOWN”, but they are in the Cemetery. You are wishing you could talk to them.

Lance Coadie Williams is the Town Crier (Cast picture)

STEVEN WALKER-WEBB directs this new play at Center Stage Baltimore Maryland. You could be moved to tears.

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