RUFF ENDZ with Fans

The time was around the 16th century, when the continent of South America was being fought over by European gold seekers, with the help of their monarchs. Eventually the continent’s dominance was split among the British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

To ship the newly discovered gold, diamonds, and sugar to the markets in Europe, the Transatlantic Slave Trade was enacted. Almost 13 million slaves shipped from Africa to the “new world”, starting with the incorrectly named West Indies.

It was around the 1850’s a British Guiana one penny stamp was minted; today that stamp is being sold at a Sotheby auction for 10 to 15 million dollars.

British Guiana gained independence in the 1960’s, (now Guyana) and is exporting under its own terms: gold, bauxite, and sugar, and other valuable commodities.

The reverse transatlantic action has come with the former slaves offspring conquering the UK, and the USA with their talents in many fields including music.

Ruff Endz with fans in Baltimore MD.

Here in Baltimore MD., there is the talented duo, RUFF ENDZ, of which DAVID CHANCE is a partner. David is from Guyana (as I am) and comes from a large family of highly talented musicians, with a strong religious background. I’ve watched most of them grow to adulthood.

David and I are both expatriates. So, on hearing RUFF ENDZ, a Billboard Charted group, performing locally, I was delighted to be present.


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