Youth Color Guard (Elks Camp, Crownsville MD.)

By my estimate, we were about 500 to 600 in this large ballroom. Probably 1,000 or more if we were outside; but the inclement weather discouraged many, it seemed.

Refreshments were aplenty, as were the laughter and smiling faces. Some came on crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and other attachments to show they were alive and wanted to be there.

I am in Crownsville Maryland at a Voiceraiser Concert, to honor military veterans. So, besides the non-alcoholic beverages, food, a raffle, and roses for several women, melodious voices are to be heard.

“WE are reminded that the cost of freedom is great, and we are forever grateful for the sacrifices your loved ones have made for our country”

That’s a quote from the program. This 3rd Annual event is to benefit military veterans, and their loved ones.

There was tension in the room when all veterans were asked to stand, and the countdown began to determine who was the oldest veteran present. He was 89 years old.

Here’s a video summary of what took place.

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