But before that, it’s party like “it’s 1999”! There is one word to summarize the headline, and the first sentence of this article, is CARNIVAL!!!

The European settlers brought this concept to the Columbus “New World” in the 1400’s, and the slaves took to it with gusto. Brazil, Guyana, the islands between Florida and Guianas in South America, (British, French and Dutch) have Carnivals in some form.

PRETTY MASS (girl group)

The slaves in particular saw themselves, as taught by padres and the like, as preparing themselves to walk the path of Christ for 40 days, a cleansing period before his ascension to heaven.

That period in Western Religious circles is called LENT, from March to April. Just before that starts, eat drink, procreate, “get on bad” (Trinidad and Tobago); for thereafter begins the 40 days of giving up “the nasty”.

In the Caribbean islands and South America, the freed slaves children became politicians and legislators, and thus turned Carnival into an explosion of music, dance, color, fashion, and wanton conjugations, without crossing the lines of sexual nudity.

WES MOORE (Gubernatorial Candidate and WIFE DAWN, at Baltimore Washington One Carnival, July 2022

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