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It is a sigh of relief, and a cringe of agony when it is witnessed being executed, a la Derek Chauvin on George Floyd Jr.’s neck.

That foot pressure has killed many, re-arranged lives of survivors who live to tell of the relief and the horror. Remember “the middle passage”?

The 13 colonies under British rule in the 17th Century, could no longer bear the pain of that foot on their neck. A plot was configured, and in collaboration with the French, the 1776 revolution became a landmark in the history of the “settlers”.

Funny, and with indelible documentation, the settlers put their “foot” on the neck of another group of humans, who have a multistage plot to liberate themselves, however there is no collective block like France willing to step in and coalesce.

It is 246 years since the revolution. This July 4th, the celebration was voluminous, because for the past two years, the exuberance was stymied by a seemingly uncontrolled virus that was indiscriminate.

This figurative foot was descending upon the neck of mankind. An anecdote was found, and after 2 years the survivors in 2022 are celebrating. I had a front seat. This was in Columbia, Maryland, July 4th, 2022

Fireworks at the Columbia MD. Lake KITTAMAQUNDI

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