Examples of women who found happiness. Exhibit A

The pandemic for some has promulgated a change of lifestyle. Many couples being forced see each other at home, has helped, but for others the closeness was overbearing. The affluent with more than one home, lived apart, using ZOOM, to communicate.

Exhibit B.

There has been “emotional distress” for “almost every individual” (Dr. Navodita Kumar, Clinical Psychologist).

I have never heard of autoeroticism, but I have of sexual dysfunction. These two conditions became targets for clinicians here lately.

Exhibit 3

This brings attention to consider the least expensive manner for one to “feel good”, perhaps find love and experience happiness?

“FOOD!” I looked around and saw the increase of “heavy weights”. Not good, the Dopamine chemical stretched waistlines. I will not comment on the phenomenal increase in the consumption of legal drugs and alcohol.

Exhibit 4

People are looking for that “cuddle hormone”. Cats and dogs as pets are competing with walkers and bicyclists for road space. Wow! Pet owners waved as I gave them space while driving by.

Have you ever been part of a choir? Aha! It’s music. If you disagree, attend an African American ceremony whether it be church or wedding. It’s an overwhelming experience. Pocket books are slung on shoulders, hands are in the air, feet are in rhythm, eyes are closed, and “oxytocin” is in control.

Exhibit 5. (Pictures Courtesy of Joe’s Movement)

ROCHELLE RICE is not an African American but believe or not she is black and was raised in the United Kingdom. She is on a mission to enable women to find “love and happiness” despite “whatever!”. Sounds familiar?

I went to see her show at JOE’s MOVEMENT in Mount Rainier MD. To use a popular device robot’s statement, “here’s what I found”….


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