Picture, Courtesy of STUDIO THEATRE, of Washington D.C.

There is noise all around us. What kind depends on where you live, and in the broader scope of things where you work.

Noise can affect your income, your love life, your bank account.

This month (February 2022) there is a play staged in Washington D.C., entitled WHITE NOISE.

Question, can noise be in color? Strangely, Yes! Beethoven is classical music (white). Dizzy Gillespie (black). Different styles, different sound, different noise.

What if one is bi-racial ? the noise is PINK. ..SERIOUS!!!

White Noise was written by Suzan-Lori Parks, a black playwright, who looks multiracial. Grew up in Germany, and the United States, her dad career military. Strangely, she graduated from John Carroll High School, while her dad was stationed in Aberdeen MD.

SUZZAN LORI-PARKS (Picture by Ruth Freemason, N.Y. Times)

How then does she attack white racism (white noise) in this play? A black man is accosted by the Police, who slammed his face to the sidewalk. He is outraged, and wants revenge, and possibly call for “defunding” the police. Finally, the black victim decides that the best way to gain respect from law enforcement is to have white protection; make himself a slave to his rich white friend, therefore, the Police will not bully him, for the law will know he is a slave for the white man. He wore a white shirt with the name SLAVE written across the chest…. WHITE NOISE

There are several words for such an idea in 2022. And in Ebonics said with black noise, the charge would be vulgarity in a public place.

Ms. Parks was born in 1963 and is a Pulitzer Prize winner! “You think?!!!”

I will not comment any further about this play, except to ask, will Ms. Parks ever be nominated for the NAACP Image Awards?

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