King Rancher, F-350

To measure it in teenage years, PIMP MY RIDE left the broadcast airwaves some 15 years ago. In case you are not familiar, rapper Xzibit and a crew of car remodeling experts “pimped out” “tricked out” a vehicle that looked destined for the junk yard and turned it into “come up and sit with me sometime”!


What do you think happens  every year there is a car show? Engineers with wild imagination pimp your ride, so much so, the new ride’s magnetism triggers a divorce from your current “babe”, (vehicle) perhaps turning “it” “her” into a hand me down.

The good old reliable, ROADSTER

Now you are fired up to test out the new “mama” (excuse the male talk).

I am at the Baltimore Car Show, Baltimore Convention Center, and here is what I saw, as men, women and children bit their nails, slapped their chests, kissed their sweethearts contemplating driving the new Ford 350, Chevy Corvette, the Kia Soul, or the new push peddle roadster.

Here’s an introduction to the 2022 Corvette, starting at $90,000.00

The person I am about to introduce, is no trick neither is his mother, they are the treats that will stay in your memory forever.

A car for a lifetime, THE BUICK RIVIERA, of the 1960’s