Tamieka Chavis (Mama) and Gerrard Taylor (son Walter Lee) star in ARAISIN IN THE SUN (Pics. by J. Lopez)

It is more like this “bitter world”. It is a “dream deferred”. In the 1970’s and 80’s, the babies of post-world war 2 had come of age, we were ready to rule the world, that our parents could not. Equality, affirmative action, education, equality, black power, afro’s, dashikis, the black handshake: open palms, up high low, elbows, slaps on the back.

It is unbelievable, that the events of the prejudicial America are being repeated in 2022. As a former President of the United States said, it is where the verb “is” in the sentence. African Americans are victims of understanding the construction of English language in its many contexts, especially when it comes to the construction and interpretation of law.

“Should we or should we not ?”; the Younger household consider the consequences.

The subtle interpretation of the 14th Amendment of the US constitution. It has become the same ploy used, when the commercials say, FREE, and in fine print, “for 30 days”. After 6 months there is this big bill you cannot pay, the interest rate skyrocketed, and you have credit card debt.

It is why Lorraine Hansberry’s play A RAISIN IN THE SUN, still has relevance; now playing at the CHESAPEAKE SHAKESPEARE THEATRE in downtown Baltimore MD.

African Americans are still “tanking” for money than principles. So few, are martyrs for “GOOD”.

See the play, written in the 1960’s, and be awakened to steadfastness, purpose and careful examination. An hour for some men to consider their legacies.



Picture, Courtesy of STUDIO THEATRE, of Washington D.C.

There is noise all around us. What kind depends on where you live, and in the broader scope of things where you work.

Noise can affect your income, your love life, your bank account.

This month (February 2022) there is a play staged in Washington D.C., entitled WHITE NOISE.

Question, can noise be in color? Strangely, Yes! Beethoven is classical music (white). Dizzy Gillespie (black). Different styles, different sound, different noise.

What if one is bi-racial ? the noise is PINK. ..SERIOUS!!!

White Noise was written by Suzan-Lori Parks, a black playwright, who looks multiracial. Grew up in Germany, and the United States, her dad career military. Strangely, she graduated from John Carroll High School, while her dad was stationed in Aberdeen MD.

SUZZAN LORI-PARKS (Picture by Ruth Freemason, N.Y. Times)

How then does she attack white racism (white noise) in this play? A black man is accosted by the Police, who slammed his face to the sidewalk. He is outraged, and wants revenge, and possibly call for “defunding” the police. Finally, the black victim decides that the best way to gain respect from law enforcement is to have white protection; make himself a slave to his rich white friend, therefore, the Police will not bully him, for the law will know he is a slave for the white man. He wore a white shirt with the name SLAVE written across the chest…. WHITE NOISE

There are several words for such an idea in 2022. And in Ebonics said with black noise, the charge would be vulgarity in a public place.

Ms. Parks was born in 1963 and is a Pulitzer Prize winner! “You think?!!!”

I will not comment any further about this play, except to ask, will Ms. Parks ever be nominated for the NAACP Image Awards?



GON 2 Painted by Ernest Shaw Jr.


Part of the opening remarks embracing the brochure for Baltimore Md. Artist, ERNEST SHAW JR.

Entitled MASKED, by Ernest Shaw Jr

It is said his art is the “anthesis to whiteness”, as well as a response to racialized subjugation.

Aunt Jemima was the depiction of “subjugation” the “enslaved nanny” in the slaveowner’s kitchen, good for making pancakes, and eating them too!

Millions of bottles of pancake syrup with Jemima label, made the owners millionaires. Last year, when Pepsi Cola bought the company, they freed Jemima. Her picture with white apron, bulging cheeks, and overweight body, has been replaced with a simple label, Pearl Milling Company.


Ernest Shaw Jr. has taken her out of the kitchen and turned her into a mural to be admired. The apron and head scarf have been thrashed, and she is now a sexual provocateur.

This liberated view went on display, this Black History Month, (Feb. 2022) at the WORLD TRADE CENTER, the INNER HARBOR, Baltimore MD.

SELF PORTRAIT, by Ernest Shaw Jr.
Nina Simone, legendary activist, and artiste par excellence, made an appearance on a T-Shit worn by DORA CARROLL

And now ,

And now the artist in his own words:



King Rancher, F-350

To measure it in teenage years, PIMP MY RIDE left the broadcast airwaves some 15 years ago. In case you are not familiar, rapper Xzibit and a crew of car remodeling experts “pimped out” “tricked out” a vehicle that looked destined for the junk yard and turned it into “come up and sit with me sometime”!


What do you think happens  every year there is a car show? Engineers with wild imagination pimp your ride, so much so, the new ride’s magnetism triggers a divorce from your current “babe”, (vehicle) perhaps turning “it” “her” into a hand me down.

The good old reliable, ROADSTER

Now you are fired up to test out the new “mama” (excuse the male talk).

I am at the Baltimore Car Show, Baltimore Convention Center, and here is what I saw, as men, women and children bit their nails, slapped their chests, kissed their sweethearts contemplating driving the new Ford 350, Chevy Corvette, the Kia Soul, or the new push peddle roadster.

Here’s an introduction to the 2022 Corvette, starting at $90,000.00

The person I am about to introduce, is no trick neither is his mother, they are the treats that will stay in your memory forever.

A car for a lifetime, THE BUICK RIVIERA, of the 1960’s