Welcome to the Chesapeake Bay, 2022

One of many sped boats ready to be purchased

Mankind has always ben in love with the water. His exploratory nature led him to the discovery of glorious underwater reefs, the realization of the world not being square, but round.

Using the waterways made some nations bigger and better than others, also led to the beginning and exploitations of slaves, primarily from Africa.

One of the new Jet Skis

Man wants to live on the coast, not necessarily in the jungle infested with dangerous animals, and where he is subjected to numerous unknown diseases.

In time he set up metropolises but preferred the good life on the water. Coastland property became competitively priced, and so did the prices for accommodations. To stay in some of the finest hotels along the coastline now requires ample advance planning, to see the sun rise and set beyond the sight of the waterline.

The Sportsman

Here lately, some have found a better way of enjoying the water, sailing on PONTOONS, with close friends. You can do that too, on the largest estuary in the United States, the CHESAPEAKE BAY.

I went to the Chesapeake Bay Boat Show, this January 2022, at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Maryland.

One of the new awakenings for me is “pontoon boating”; and this is what I found:

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