The Messenger by artist Darren Jackson

It is the distinctive characteristic found among the people whose ancestral connections are near or around the equatorial regions of the world. That emblazoned distinction is, COLOR.

Where I grew up the current vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris is called “dougla”, that African and East Indian conjugation product. In the United States she is South Asian. It has a better ring to it, when described as “une femme noire” (French).


Braids of hair, saris, lavish gold ornaments and clothing have always been identified with “people of color”; they just did not know until later, that there exist people of colder regions, who love color even more.

Why did the Queen Isabella finance Christopher Columbus journeys to the warmer colorful regions of the world? Gold, and other instruments of color.

Today color is in, and the originators, are not selling it as raw material, but as finished products. There are paintings, utensils, jewelry, clothing, shoes; were Queen Isabella alive today, no steals, unless she paid under the table.

I recently travelled to a mixed media event, hosted by a man of color (un homme noir) and artistry, DAVID MCKENZIE.