By Robert Cloescott. (Baltimore Museum of Art)

The above phrase “No Digidy, No Doubt”, is unacceptable in any English class, Elementary, Middle or High school. In college only if one is writing a paper researching its origins, and whether such a phrase can be embraced by society at large. 

In 2013, BLACK LIVES MATTER, was launched, when George Zimmerman was acquitted for the shooting death of a Black man Travon Martin. George’s father was well connected, and a former judge. African Americans went ballistic. 

Then came the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The anti-establishment fever got high pitched. Middle white America showed solidarity. Donald Trump dismissed the movement, when the Charlottesville Virginia incident was committed by white supremacists’ activists, with Trump saying, “all lives matter, and they were good people on both sides”. 

Was white America going to look the other way, as the owners of cotton fields did in the 1800’s? 


The American white suburbia planted signs for all to see BLACK LIVES MATTER! Television commercials began using more black and Asian models, fortune 500 companies were quickly diversifying their boards of directors, and black art graced the entrances of museums, such as the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Double Lilly ll, by SHIRLEY GORELICK (Baltimore Museum of Art)

For the next two months, little known black artists took bows and curtsies as their works were displayed. It was hip-hop artists Dr. Dre and Blackstreet, who wrote the words, “no Digidy no, Doubt”. “I LIKE THE WAY YOU WORK IT” has a different meaning in the “rap” song. These art works are for public scrutiny, at the BMA this month, with “must see” written emblazoned.

SALVATION, by KARA WALKER. (Baltimore Museum of Art)

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