If I were to mention names like van Gogh, Geogia Okeefe or Dean Mitchell; for those familiar, the light bulb flashes will blow up in their minds, for I am talking about famous watercolor painters. 

The 20th century witnessed the advent of acrylic painters. Acrylic allows for more versatility; the artist /painter, can use this on multiple surfaces, paper, wood, canvas, glass, metal, plastic

ALINA KURBIEL (Naval Academy Chapel)

The watercolor artist is “more or less” limited to a white surface; however, the next day, that landscape or portrait can be changed with relative ease, unlike the acrylic painter.

KAYAKS (April Rimpo)

Hence the watercolor artist/painter, spends enormously more time at the craft than the acrylic artist; removing that upturned lip in the portrait; catching that subtle shade, the moment the cloud passed over the mountain top, the froth at the top of the wave in the Atlantic Ocean. Sultry enchantment.


FLASH of SUMMER (Julia Rogers)

Through December 4th, 2021, the Baltimore Watercolor Society enjoined with several acrylic artists to display their new works, at the McBride Gallery, on Main Street, in Annapolis MD. I made an appearance. 

LADY in RED (Victor Nizovtsev) acrylic
SERENITY (Victor Nizovtsev) acrylic

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