COLDSPRING JAZZ QUARTET (Picture from Facebook)

Wines for the summer of 2021 have been rated and chosen, “Clos de la Roiulette fleurie” is overall best. For twenty-five dollars, the experts rave about the notes of strawberries and cranberries, and smokey earth. 

In Maryland, Big Cork Vineyards (Washington County) took home the trophy at the Governer’s Cup in 2019. Their Chardonnay is under twenty-seven dollars. 

I have not been invited to any summer parties with homemade wines, or have I had some without being told? 

Usually, such wines are served at home get-togethers, or outdoor events. 

I attended a summer event that tasted like the last of the summer wine. Musical apothecaries, who have toiled at their craft, got together, and invited the neighborhood to a taste. 




THE IAN TRUSHEIM GROUP (photo from An die Musik)

It is not an unfamiliar phrase, and is often followed by, “how great though art”! A melodiousness with pleasant tones, that can transform your being to a higher state of consciousness. 

This psychological transformation is not often experienced by all mankind, and knowing this, it has been manufactured and sold like chicken nuggets to the emotionals. 

Western civilization looks at this experience quite differently to those in the East. Many of us are familiar with the male resonant bellow, “God is Great!”, often heard on the battlefield, just before many of the echoers die, for what they believe will come glorious rewards. 

The truth is, God is really good, if you live by the Biblical words of Psalm 34:8, and John 3:16. “HE” has endowed mankind with gifts, that produce wonderment: spaceships, vaccines (Luke was a physician), and musical geniuses, great and small. 

The IAN TRUSHEIM GROUP did that towards the end of August 2021. This group created and performed their version of GOD IS GOOD at An Die Muzik, in Baltimore MD. 

I first talked with Ian about his bass playing artistry: