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IT WAS A PRESENTATION ON JUNE  19TH, 2021, (Canton)Baltimore MD. Frederck Douglass, America’s pre-eminent, black abolitionist, gained another star on his lapel. 

Two plaques were unveiled, at a spot just about where Frederick made his remarkable escape, hopping aboard a Northbound train to freedom. 

According to documents, he had lots of help to disguise himself as a free black man, speech, clothing, and most of all papers to show that he was not an imposter, even though he was. The preparation and bravery were “hugely” risky, but risks of this nature are applauded enthusiastically. 

Douglas was trying to escape “racist” Baltimore, to later return with a liberation army. 

Today Canton is obviously different, blacks may come to enjoy the water, which is an extension of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, but few can live here, for at the end of the day, they must quickly escape to their abodes with a different zip Code. 

Applause to the white community of Canton, for this dedication to Douglass, they must be descendants of William Wilberforce, and not of the Seventh Vice President of the United States, JOHN C. CALHOUN. 

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