An expression of exuberance, the Columbia fountain at the Lakefront, Lake KITTAMAQUNDI

We were all coming out of the pandemic, that paralyzed our happy spirits last year. There is a new sheriff in town, named Biden, and he promised to behave like Moses of Bible history, take his people out of the Egyptian paralysis, into the new promised land. TRUMP, (the Pharoah) was pacing and fuming profusely at his Miami bunker. The escapees were about to spread joy!  

COLUMBIA MARYLAND at the LAKEFRONT, was the place to be, JULY 4TH, 2021: 



WOMEN LOOKING, by Sarah G. Sharp (UMBC)

The old certainties are crumbling fast” (Rebecca Solnit); what will emerge? The world we live in is altering: climate change, consciousness of income inequality, and the overwhelming emblazonment of BLACK LIVES MATTER. 

The Visual Arts field has made its feeling known; SPARK IV, was launched in Baltimore, MD. April 2021 

The exhibition featured the now generation from UMBC and TOWSON UNIVERSITY. Take a look.  



Photo provided by Tom Chalkley

IT WAS A PRESENTATION ON JUNE  19TH, 2021, (Canton)Baltimore MD. Frederck Douglass, America’s pre-eminent, black abolitionist, gained another star on his lapel. 

Two plaques were unveiled, at a spot just about where Frederick made his remarkable escape, hopping aboard a Northbound train to freedom. 

According to documents, he had lots of help to disguise himself as a free black man, speech, clothing, and most of all papers to show that he was not an imposter, even though he was. The preparation and bravery were “hugely” risky, but risks of this nature are applauded enthusiastically. 

Douglas was trying to escape “racist” Baltimore, to later return with a liberation army. 

Today Canton is obviously different, blacks may come to enjoy the water, which is an extension of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, but few can live here, for at the end of the day, they must quickly escape to their abodes with a different zip Code. 

Applause to the white community of Canton, for this dedication to Douglass, they must be descendants of William Wilberforce, and not of the Seventh Vice President of the United States, JOHN C. CALHOUN. 



Dr.Nkiru NNawulezi and Dr. Durryle Brooks

“at Center Stage, we don’t give interviews at social events.” Told to me today (June 29, 2021). And she is black, as I am. Would she have said that to TMZ (television)? 

Center Stage Baltimore gets money from us citizens; how then can information be privatized, withheld, scrubbed, only letting the public know, what Center Stage wants to be known? 

I received an invitation to an event entitled, AFTER THOUGHTS, hosted by Dr.Durryle Brooks. It was RSVP, to attend. This event came under the heading of Artistic Partnerships and Innovation. He was accompanied by Professor NKIRU NNAWULEZI, (University of MD.) a researcher on gender-based violence. 

What were they talking about? Primarily, how blacks of the LBGTQ community in Baltimore, survived the pandemic. 

This is my opportunity to get specifics. Dr. Brooks, (black), grew up in Cherry Hill, (Baltimore Sun, Jan. 21,2021) and became a recent member of the Baltimore City School Board. 

I did not find his speech in anyway related to the dramatic arts, instead it was about black men and women of a nontraditional sexual orientation, now emerging from cooking at home, taking care of pets, plants, and finally, able to show their pride. 

We stepped outside for the video interview, then he bawked. He will do an audio interview, but not a video. What! This is DURRYLE, the wonder kid, champion of the less privileged. He is reneging to embrace what he was talking about a few moments ago: removing income inequality, erasing gender discrimination, embracing equal opportunity for all! 

“Let me check with Center Stage before I do this.” Dr. Durryle Brooks. I felt like an albino child. (what is he, white, black?) They were all whispering at a distance; the Center Stage staffer, who sent the invitation, came over and said, she was going to ask Media department to talk to me about my request. Refreshments were not on the house, so I bought some and waited. They were still ignoring me, so I called out to one of the department heads; she did not want to, but did. “Oswald this is new for some people, let me get Marketing.” 

Marketing, also a black woman gave me the opening statement of this article. 

I walked out. 

I was discriminated by Dr. Brooks, and by all the officials representing Center Stage, and they are all black. I have covered Center Stage for decades, going back to the days when I wrote for THE EXAMINER. Why were they lying to me? If I am supporting your cause with plaudits, I get the “good job” accolade, now I am a blindsided. 

Two television stations, (WJZ and WBAL) two blocks away, did not appear at this event, neither the Baltimore Sun, let alone, the Washington Post. What would have been their response, had I been with CNN or the New York Times? 

No, I’m the little independent guy. I thought this was about freeing the marginalized, they elevated themselves and dumped me. 

Ninety percent of the persons attending this event, seemed well educated, they need no help. How can the not so well off, like most residents in Cherry Hill, where there is no WHOLE FOODS Market, believe in these masqueraders?