A new synonym for “Greed”

(Above image from Twitter)

First, there is the recognition of greed. In some circles it is defined as the following: intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. 

“mercenaries who had allowed greed to overtake their principles” 

So, if the definition is fool-proof, a greedy person, has the ethics of a mercenary, making money at the expense of others. Rapper Kanye West made millions in a song identifying some female mercenaries as “gold diggers”; leaving some to exclaim, what did you marry Kanye? 

 There is a progression in the greed factor; it inevitably leads to the acquisition of power. This recloaking of the human being, follows the small take-overs that ferment that human psychology, to want more. Subsequently, the self-interest becomes self-absorbing. Now, it is not just the car, but several, not just money in the bank, but own a few banks, not just women, but a harem, own a country, build an empire, rule the world, where humans are disposable, and the PROTAGONIST, shrouded with glory by the guileless human zombies, though highly certified by prestigious universities on the planet!..lives on. 

Greed is human, and what is chillingly frightening, is based on LOVE. But genuine love is based on empathy, quite a stark contrast. 

Did Hitler love Germany? What about El Cid of Spain? Did Louis 14th, love Haiti and Toussiant Louverture? 

History is full of examples of greed. All the greedy ones die ignominiously. Consider this: when the certified thief cried out, “you truly are the Son of God, remember me!”, with no prerequisites, with no demand to be loyal, The MAN on the stake, happily said, “Truly, you will be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23:43) 

In 2020 (AD) Anno Domini, we had a fully defined and unquestionable synonym to greed, with the exact number of letters, 5: T.R.U.M.P

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