It is probably not what you may have in mind, if you thought of going to see this movie without looking it up. 

The world including those of us in Baltimore MD., are looking at the ups and downs, of emotions of friends and others, as the pandemic forces us to look internally, and even live in bubbles for safety. Digital communication, is reigning supreme! 

There is a longing for outdoors, to do something familiar, watch a movie that is not on Netflix or YouTube. Yeah, THE EMPTY MAN, why not? 

It is about the youth, college age students attending university to expand their minds, create, explore, question and create a new world. This exploratory, led some to follow the philosophy of “THE EMPTY MAN”. The appeal led to dominating the world, based on philosophical thought. But there is a downside: once you are “in” leaving is difficult, your own friends can be motivated to kill you for revealing the secrets of “THE EMPTY MAN.” 

After the show, I got to thinking, is that just fantasy, or could that be reality? Do we have an “EMPTY MAN” in our midst today? Do we have many following a man based on his philosophical thought? Do we have some who would kill for him? 

David Karesh had a religious movement, where his followers confronted federal authorities, and later died as martyrs for him, in Texas. 

Rev. Jim Jones led his followers from San Francisco, USA to the hinterlands of Guyana South America, where they demised in death. Jim Jones as well as David Koresh, wanted revenge for not getting their way. So, did THE EMPTY MAN. 


In 2020, an equivalent is on the horizon, TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Supporters of this philosophy, have bought guns and ammunition, issued threats, intimidated minorities, for revenge.  How dare an African American, insult me, as occurred at the Correspondence dinner in 2011-THE WHITE HOUSE! If America is going to get health care, it will not be in the name of a black man! 

The actions, the countenance, spoke loud and clear.

THE EMPTY MAN in this case is obviously not fictional as in the movie, he is real. He has overcome Covid-19; “You’re fired!” has been his mantra, and he is awaiting a “wave of red” (people who are not of African descent) to take his prejudicial reign, to 2025. 



Red Admiral butterfly

Butterflies are aplenty, but they are not butterflies at procreation, they are, eggs, larvae, pupae, the stages of metamorphosis, before the world beholds their beauty and magnificence, as adults. Many die during the process. Almost a simile for some babies born in the bellies of poverty- laden cities and towns, throughout the world.

The Baltimore Center Stage theater group has begun an artistic series, categorizing Baltimore as a “Butterfly”. I do not know which one is associated, but I believe THE ADMIRAL, would be appropriate. It has black wings, red bands and white spots. (Baltimore City, a truly multicolored community). 

The idea of the theater group is to foster togetherness, and this group believes, the arts community is uniquely qualified to create such a reality; to influence, politicians, businesses, and clergy. 

I watched the October 5th, 2020 presentation, featuring actress Nia June, Lisa McCray of Baltimore Beat, and musical artiste, Darius Christian. 

Several butterflies from all parts of Baltimore, including Howard County, read texts from famous writers and the many ways they experienced Baltimore.

The Red Admiral is one of the strongest butterflies; this human butterfly, a.k.a, composite butterfly, (Baltimore City) needs the right environment, and nutrition to reach its glory. 

Baltimore needs industries, business ownership, not only for some;- change of legislators and legislation,- for all the butterflies to survive, and live in a state of reasonable contentment. 



Images from the current BMA exhibition, A PERFECT POWER, Motherhood and African Art.

It has long been symbols of fertility, so much so that such  pictures became symbols of the African diaspora, birthing the phrase “mother Africa”. 

“Sweet mother I no go forget you” (Prince Nico Mbarga) 

European women visiting the continent, became jealous of the sinuous African women’s bodies, walking along the popular African beaches. They wanted to look tanned and shirtless, like the natives

The French went “buck wild” on the Caribbean beaches, and rudely envied the body population of Brazilian beaches, like “Ipanema”. 

One is not left aghast, in looking at an African woman with the bulge in her pregnant belly, or nursing her baby in public. In fact, in the industrial world, it became a landmark of independence, or revolution, when female celebrities began taking pictures of their naked bodies while pregnant, for the world to see. 

These everyday depictions of MOTHERHOOD have finally come to the Balitmore Museum of Art, in an exhibition entitled A PERFECT POWER. 

It is a collection of art from Central Africa, especially the Congo, and parts of Zambia. 

It is precious art, representing a time, when African men left home for the hunt, and mothers were home to do everything until their men returned. 

For Baltimore, it is the grand re-opening of the museum since the pandemic hit, and all went into lockdown. BLACK LIVES MATTER, is now draped along the front entranceway, and African masks are also what your eyes will behold as part of this exhibition, curated by Kevin Tervala. 

This is a test, especially for my male counterparts, of whether they can see this exhibition and be asexual. 




Kim Klasik Billboard


This is not new.  It references to the old tried and true, “divide and conquer”. The most enslaved race, not only in America, but the world, has been, the Noir, Negro, Black, African… with a suffix, i.e. Caribbean, American etc. 

Why was the house slave getting the hand –me-downs, and others, the left overs? The “house slave” was the snitch. (Django Unchained). Hence “black on black” crime has hundreds of years of history. 

In our lifetime here in the United States, Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court Justice) has merged into the tapestry of his master; and as we have to closer to the 2020 General Election, I watched with disgust Herschel Walker and Jim Brown, stand guard for “El Cid”, who occupies the WHITE HOUSE. 

KANYE WEST? Not enough space. 

Baltimore Md. Is primarily a black city, and filled with the two classes of blacks earlier described, but the women have escaped the classification, until now. 

There is a congressional seat to be filled, and a black woman affiliated with “El Cid” wants to occupy that seat. 

Outside of Baltimore are county suburbs, with names like Howard, Carroll, Frederick, Wicomico, where occupants live on large spreads of land with half a mile driveways. Blacks living in such spaces are rare. 

So, I am driving West on route 32, about to leave Howard and enter into Carroll, when sitting at the beginning of one of those driveways, is this massive billboard, with a black woman, as though she is an international model, shoulder length hair flying. WHAT??? 

I DROVE HALF A MILE, then made a U turn. I had to see this for myself, to confirm I was not dreaming. I was not. A picture of KIM KLACIK! 

Okay, we know why the black men sold out, and they are in the derisive bracket, now the women are joining them? 

In the echo of Leslie Bricusse, “Stop the world, I Want to Get Off!”