Jazz vocalist and composer Akua Allrich

Of all the races on earth, the main race to call on their ancestors, incessantly in song, is the African. Why? 

Undoubtedly, the richest continent in the world with raw materials, Africa, with diamonds, gold, manganese, precious stones, oil, cocoa, copper, and human muscle. Then why are the majority inhabitants, so poor? Africa is not that far from the GARDEN OF EDEN, where the first man Adam lived in paradise!

The Arabs and the European nations, have some of those precious materials, but not like Africa, and the African climate made it easier to get. Records show that Africans, like indigenous Indians, are tribal, making them vulnerable to deceit. Leaders dominated the majority (and still do), thus the invaders from other continents, once their fabrications overwhelmed the leadership, tribes were overrun. In pain the tribal followers had no hope but to cry out to their deities for help. The muscle of slavery was the gold, the stock market, exported across the Atlantic. Africans sang for salvation, as they were beaten, and thrown across the bows and sterns of boats; sold by their tribal leaders, four hundred years ago. Now the Chinese are invading. 

In North America, the whaling cry got morphed into commercialized Blues, Jazz, and negro spirituals. In the Caribbean, the additions were Calypso and Reggae. 

Today, John Legend (an African American songwriter/performer) enjoined with the new Black genre, Hip-Hop, as exemplified in Common,( a well-known hip-hopper) have produced “GLORY”. (Best Original Song, 87th Academy Awards-2015) 

One day when the glory comes, it will be ours”; the opening words. 

Akua ALLRICH, this week, (9/21/2020) was given the space to make her cry, at the Baltimore Museum of Art. I watched: 

“One day, we’ll cry for glory, …when the war is won,…we’ll cry GLORY, Oh, GLORY”! ..ONE DAYYYYYY!

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