“Here I am myself,.. you all know me; the world knows my fame: I am OEDIPUS!” 

Oedipus, by Linda Mota

(Oedipus by Linda Mota)

What do scholars say of him, a Greek King of 400 B.C.E? He is chronicled as being confident, interrogative, a bully, demanding, and a liar.

He lived up to his name, OEDIPUS TYRANNUS.

It is profoundly interesting to what sunset such a man would experience: glory; a whaling of the people of THEBES for his passing, or burning effigies of him?

He ultimately suffered from a self-inflicted wound to his eyes, and rode off into exile with his daughter ANTIGONE. He no doubt died unceremoniously.

I have just succinctly summarized a play by the Greek poet Sophocles. This play had a virtual presentation on Thursday May 7th, 2020. Plays are picked to confront social issues affecting current communities. This one was chosen to promote discussion of the pandemic engulfing us today. The city of Thebes was once faced with a plague, and no one but OEDIPUS, was able to save it. The panelist discussion following the play, concentrated on COVID-19 (CORONA-VIRUS) as a modern-day equivalent of a plague; affecting us, the modern day residents THEBES.

OUR savior, is a combination of nurses, EMT s, doctors, first respondents, and a host of volunteers. No one man.

I see more to the play. The opening quote of this article, is parallel to something we have all heard coming out of a modern leader who is 6’ 3” 243 pounds, overusing the catch words “terrific…tremendous!”; sexual proclivities in his profile.

“LOL”, Oedipus, was also accused of sexual misconduct!!!

Our world of THEBES, (7.8 billion people) is not confined to 50 states, but as combined, it is looked upon as the epicenter for relief.

 November 2020 could see OEDIPUS, and his daughter ride into eternal exile.






andie musik, santiago

4 of the colors of Ginger, at An die musik.

It’s a root, and at first, it appears brown in color. Wash it a little, there appears the beginning of a yellow hue, and a little redness may show up. 

Red ginger though, is a flower, not the root. Some men fall deeply in love with “red heads” even describe them as “ginger red foxes”. It’s that red flower…endorphins catalyst. 

“ROOTS”, whenever audible, is often linked to the black man, and invariably its referencing the musical atmosphere, connoting the “BLUES” .

Hence when a “roots” artist is in performance, no one really knows the “hue” of his/her tone until the recital is heard or seen in total. 

I have never heard of JOEL SANTIAGO until last week, and that he and his group play Haitian music! So, I streamed An die Musik on Charles Street Baltimore Md. 

I was hearing Zouk, KompaBoleros, Reggae, all, as expected,.. the African diaspora roots landscape. Then I began to hear some whistling. This was not the traditional Roy Rogers of the Western Movies whistling; it was the kind I grew up with, often heard done by street corner singers, or men having had “the happy experience”, where they saw the skies open, and like Tarzan, were beating their chests in exultation! 


But no one way singing!  Where then was this whistling coming from?

From the guitar of JOSEPH “Fan Fan”  LEWIS. So melodious, he made the guitar behave like a violin in serenade. 

He is no doubt, brown ginger color,… and in love with his red head, the guitar. 

(An die Musik continues to stream throughout this pandemic period, it costs less than a cup of coffee, at your high end coffee house).