Our history is ping ponged with a plethora of unfortunates such as the deaths of Elvis Presley, James Dean, Whitney Houston, Otis Redding, and not necessarily in the same breath, Jeffrey Epstein, Jeffery Dahmer, Michael Jackson., Richard Pryor. 

The Jeffrey Dummer Experience (Artist Wayne Hollowell)

For some we mourn. In the 1960’s, the phrase “only the good die young” became popular. For most who purported that concept, they had fried brains, from smoking weed, and chemically converted crack cocaine to liquid, with tea spoons and Bic lighters. 

Rebecca, (Artist Alix Tobey Southwick)
Elizabeth Taylor (Wayne Hollowell)
RUPaul (Wayne Hollowell)

Along the way, figures of Majesty passed away, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Minnie Riperton, Toni Morrison, Carol Channing, Frank Robinson, Doris Day, Princess Diana. 

Askance, many of those figures have kissed quite a few, into valleys of fortune. Artists interpretations have attracted scores of big spending admirers, who have bought painted portraits of these figures for their friends and associates to sit back and reflect on the “whys?” of such past occurrences. Kisses of delight!

On such occasions, nothing to alter the mind is served, just dry wine and cheese from a gourmet rack.

On this evening I am at the STILLPOINTE THEATRE, in the Baltimore Md. Art District, featuring artists: WAYNE HOLLOWELL and ALIX TOBEY SOUTHWICK.

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  1. I enjoyed your coverage of the opening reception for Inexplicable at the Gong-yu yesul Gallery However, I feel compelled to point out a glaring grammatical error (or typo?) — it should be Jeffrey Dahmer NOT Jeffrey Dummer.


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