Number one and three are the same, with flu-like symptoms. I have heard and read that this has something to do  with the CREATOR; GOD, telling mankind HE is unhappy; some have reached out to their congregants, that “the end is near!” 1 John 2:17.

Further research makes that end comparable to that of Noah’s Day (the Flood), only the “chosen” or qualifiers survived that disaster.

Are we going through a similar experience here in 2020? The residents of this world probably thought the same thing in 1918 (the Spanish Flu, from 1918 to 1920), with the death toll as high as close to 100 Million. But it was not the end of the world.

So this flu/ virus is not from The Almighty, Jehovah, God, Allah, Yeshua, or Vishnu. Then where is it from, you may ask?

From mankind, us! Who is responsible for the rise of temperature in the Swiss Alpine mountains?

Farmers who depend on rainfall, are running out of water, including the continent of South America, where I grew up!

History shows the changes in our environment began with the Industrial Revolution, when the world turned from an agrarian and handcrafting economy, to industrial; (18th/19 centuries).  Smoke pipes sprung up. The horse and buggy gave way to the railroad, followed by automobiles, that filled the air with smoke contaminants.                                                      

Factories became the engines of industry, no matter what the product was. Today, where are most of those factories located? Sing the fan-fair notes, “tan, ta, ta…!”


Which country has the most investments in China ? The United States! Bear in mind that China does not have to meet the safety rules and regulations of manufacturers/industrialists, as those here in the USA, or in Europe.

 So what happens when an accident occurs there, in an industrial plant ? It is like a tsunami, blowing winds across the entire industrial world, and we all feel it, it our noses and in our pockets.

That is what we have in CORONA VIRUS, aka: COVID-19.

As for Corona, (number two, PICTURED ABOVE) which comes from Mexico, the need for a respirator becomes imminent, only when you drink it hurriedly.

That drink you can cool in a stream in the South American jungle; or in a plastic cooler, made in China; at home sitting on a stoop or under a tent, (since we are confined to home, until the pandemic passes), reflecting on the summer of 2019, in Druid Hill Park, Baltimore Md






Our history is ping ponged with a plethora of unfortunates such as the deaths of Elvis Presley, James Dean, Whitney Houston, Otis Redding, and not necessarily in the same breath, Jeffrey Epstein, Jeffery Dahmer, Michael Jackson., Richard Pryor. 

The Jeffrey Dummer Experience (Artist Wayne Hollowell)

For some we mourn. In the 1960’s, the phrase “only the good die young” became popular. For most who purported that concept, they had fried brains, from smoking weed, and chemically converted crack cocaine to liquid, with tea spoons and Bic lighters. 

Rebecca, (Artist Alix Tobey Southwick)
Elizabeth Taylor (Wayne Hollowell)
RUPaul (Wayne Hollowell)

Along the way, figures of Majesty passed away, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Minnie Riperton, Toni Morrison, Carol Channing, Frank Robinson, Doris Day, Princess Diana. 

Askance, many of those figures have kissed quite a few, into valleys of fortune. Artists interpretations have attracted scores of big spending admirers, who have bought painted portraits of these figures for their friends and associates to sit back and reflect on the “whys?” of such past occurrences. Kisses of delight!

On such occasions, nothing to alter the mind is served, just dry wine and cheese from a gourmet rack.

On this evening I am at the STILLPOINTE THEATRE, in the Baltimore Md. Art District, featuring artists: WAYNE HOLLOWELL and ALIX TOBEY SOUTHWICK.

Preservation of A Legacy

A banner for life.

Ever heard of the RAZZY DAZZY SPASM BAND?  Believe it or not, this group existed in New Orleans in the late 1890’s. “spasm” has a sexual connotation (sperm), Rocketlike action. SPUNK, JUMP, “FLOUNCE”. Such action words were used at parties, weddings, funerals, and especially at Xmas celebrations in the Caribbean and South America. Describing the actions of “folk” dancing and singing to the beat of drums, contorting their bodies as though conjugating in public! The Bible toting prelates raised their hands in chastising fashion. The speed and agility of the participants attracted crowds of onlookers, and imitators who jumped into the ring of participants to show “their” stuff. Who were these people, and where did they come from? 

Africans, who came to the New World as slaves and brought their traditional musical “spunk/Jump” talents for all to see. This music was done by “street” folks, raw talent, with no sophisticated instruments. It entered the dance halls and juke joints in New Orleans.  What is now “line dancing” had an early marriage where “swing” was infiltrated by this African “jump/sperm” music. By the 1920’s, it was not “gism” or “jism”, but straight out, JAZZ! 

Born in America, and the only music the republic can claim as its own. This year 2020, JAZZ is 100 years old. A class action suit for royalties to be paid to all Africans who can trace their parentage to New Orleans of the 1890’s, should be filed.

The National Association for Music Education (NAME) showcased The Maryland 2020 ALL STATE SENIOR (High School) JAZZ BAND, which coincided within Black History Month. Mariama Boney is the outgoing Executive Director of NAME:

And now for your viewing pleasure, in performance at UMBC (University of Md. Baltimore County): 

The Maryland All State Senior Jazz Band, conducted by Steve Fidyk.