The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., may not have said it that way, and then again neither did Jesus, who said “love your neighbor as yourself”. Who is your neighbor? 

In Baltimore today, that sentiment, action and enduring principle, (LOVE) has seeped to a state of Gehenna (where the dead are thrown into a dump filled with Sulphur). 

African Americans, past 1965, and 1968 (Dr. King’s death), sang the Negro spirituals with fervor, vowing to build and not tear down institutions and each other. 

But, “thank God at last!” has only left Martin’s mouth, to his “peoples” ears. 

African Americans have “overcome”; Baltimore has had five (black) mayors, with almost five times as much murders through the period, the mayoral characters ranging from a Rhodes scholar to a journeyman. Did they keep Martin’s promise, “I got your back!”? 

Let’s turn the page to look a more inspiring example of Dr. King’s dream. 

Two brothers, two years apart, both African Americans. One pursued music, as a DJ, the other as a jazz saxophonist. Then the hand in hand genie popped up in their heads, “why not combine our talents together, and make music?”  “I got your back, bro!”, thus gave birth to THE KEYMAKERS.  

When they came to Baltimore, Md., the eve of MLK’s week, (Jan. 18th, 2020), through pouring rain from Rhode Island (rain, perhaps symbolic of Baltimore tears) they came, to be seen and heard. I was there too, to say, “I got you!”, to, REDERICK and ROME ALEXANDER.