2 of 31 Rescued

Baltimore listed 31 percent, African American teenagers at the end of 2018. The question floating around, attached to a fictitious rogue drone is, how many will live beyond age 35? 

Radio talk show hosts kept browbeating the question of how many residents are leaving the city for better pastures; however, they have no suggestions practical enough for serious consideration. 

My suggestion is, until you give dignity to the African American male at or below the poverty level, you are creating a cesspool of immorality and violence. Whoever is serious, can contact me for details. 

Two teenagers, spotted from childhood are assured an exodus out of this “Babylon”. 

EBBAN and her brother EPHRAIM are musical prodigies, looking to further their education at colleges either on the East or West Coast. I caught up with them at a Christmas, 2019, scholarship breakfast. 

The JAZZEXPRESSWAYS FOUNDATION hosted the event in Baltimore, with ROSA PRYOR leading the event, accompanied by feature artists THE GREG HATZA ORGANIZATION: