You’ve been running for your life, clutching your cloth doll with one hand, with the other in your mother’s. 

You’ve jumped into bushes, trenches, dodged bullets and search dogs. Finally, you are on a steamship heading for America. 

I am watching a documentary entitled NOBODY WANTS US, about the agony of one of many Jewish girls escaping the Nazi holocaust and the Russian enslavement. 

America! “Give me your tired, your poor”, held the ship at sea for weeks, then sent it to Mexico. The Mexicans turned the ship away; now what? 

Immigrant father and daughter drowned trying to cross the Mexican border(Photo Abrahan Pineda)

In Roanoke Virgina, a group of Jews had settled prior to the 1940’s, and offered to help. Jewish lawyers were filing law suits to force the American government to have the refugees come ashore. The President was Franklin D. Roosevelt. His wife Eleanor could not bear the suffering of the children and got involved, paving the way for the disembarkment. 

 It has been 75 years since. Are the circumstances being repeated, this time on the Southern Border of the United States? 

Is America setting up, would be, concentration camps on the border?  

For every 10,000 people arriving, 34 are allowed in (Center for Disaster Philosophy). Even though the majority of seekers are from Central America, the Trump administration “clamp down”, affects Cubans, Africans, Indians and Venezuelans. 

Our American motto since 1956 is, “IN GOD WE TRUST”. At Matthew 9: 36, the commentator watching Jesus said, “when he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” 

COMPASSION!!! Where is the manifestation? It has been replaced by “me first!!” 

Here are some comments on the film, “NOBODY WANTS US.”: 


The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., may not have said it that way, and then again neither did Jesus, who said “love your neighbor as yourself”. Who is your neighbor? 

In Baltimore today, that sentiment, action and enduring principle, (LOVE) has seeped to a state of Gehenna (where the dead are thrown into a dump filled with Sulphur). 

African Americans, past 1965, and 1968 (Dr. King’s death), sang the Negro spirituals with fervor, vowing to build and not tear down institutions and each other. 

But, “thank God at last!” has only left Martin’s mouth, to his “peoples” ears. 

African Americans have “overcome”; Baltimore has had five (black) mayors, with almost five times as much murders through the period, the mayoral characters ranging from a Rhodes scholar to a journeyman. Did they keep Martin’s promise, “I got your back!”? 

Let’s turn the page to look a more inspiring example of Dr. King’s dream. 

Two brothers, two years apart, both African Americans. One pursued music, as a DJ, the other as a jazz saxophonist. Then the hand in hand genie popped up in their heads, “why not combine our talents together, and make music?”  “I got your back, bro!”, thus gave birth to THE KEYMAKERS.  

When they came to Baltimore, Md., the eve of MLK’s week, (Jan. 18th, 2020), through pouring rain from Rhode Island (rain, perhaps symbolic of Baltimore tears) they came, to be seen and heard. I was there too, to say, “I got you!”, to, REDERICK and ROME ALEXANDER. 

2 of 31 Rescued

Baltimore listed 31 percent, African American teenagers at the end of 2018. The question floating around, attached to a fictitious rogue drone is, how many will live beyond age 35? 

Radio talk show hosts kept browbeating the question of how many residents are leaving the city for better pastures; however, they have no suggestions practical enough for serious consideration. 

My suggestion is, until you give dignity to the African American male at or below the poverty level, you are creating a cesspool of immorality and violence. Whoever is serious, can contact me for details. 

Two teenagers, spotted from childhood are assured an exodus out of this “Babylon”. 

EBBAN and her brother EPHRAIM are musical prodigies, looking to further their education at colleges either on the East or West Coast. I caught up with them at a Christmas, 2019, scholarship breakfast. 

The JAZZEXPRESSWAYS FOUNDATION hosted the event in Baltimore, with ROSA PRYOR leading the event, accompanied by feature artists THE GREG HATZA ORGANIZATION: