The Black Aesthetic in 2019

A Baltimore Living Room, by Mickalene Thomas

If you have not fully comprehended the reasoning behind the “Million Man March”, “The Black Panthers” movement, or the loss of NAACP’s impact on the people of color, then you may not understand what is meant by THE BLACK AESTHETIC. 

The concept was born to give rise to the recognition of black art, as part of the comprehensive collective of artistry. 

Even though the rise seemed in opposition to the establishment, it was a demand to be included, humanized, not relegated. 

The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) has taken another step to show its open-mindedness. Black Aesthetic Artist MICKALENE THOMAS, was given the carte blanche, to have her way with two floors and the entrance way to the museum. 

It’s astonishing what she has done, transforming the entrance way. As though I was on Chester Street, Baltimore Md. 21213., where folk “hung out” on marble stoops, smoked cigarettes, and did other things peculiar to the neighborhood. 

Visitors to the museum, will enjoy the shock, where Mickalene gives a peek as to what you may find in such a home, including a backyard terrace and a basement bar. 

The video below is a synopsis of my experience. The exhibition runs through May 2021, A must see!!!

Published by Oswald Copeland

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