Fried chicken, butter, a biscuit and soda.

Renee Chenault Fattah, and Dr. Adu-Sarkodie

Sounds familiar? If your answer is yes, you are probably African American or Hispanic. 

According to updated clinical research it has been found that dementia is 14 to 100 percent higher in African Americans, than any other race in the United States. 

It has been calculated that this race, 65 and older, will move from 2.7 million in 1995 to 6.9 million by 2030. 

This has not gone unnoticed by the Alzheimer’s Association, that is investing 120 million dollars to find answers. 

So far, Parkinson affects more of the white population. Documented studies show African Americans having a 65 percent hypertension rate, Hispanics, 56, and whites 51. 

Dementia, and Alzheimer’s are both vascular, and African Americans have a higher rate of vascular diseases, followed by Hispanics: hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. 

The Mayo Clinic has 15 diet suggestions to prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s, here are a few: 

  1. Three servings of whole grains per day. 
  1. Vegetables at least once per day. 
  1. Poultry (not fried chicken) at least twice per week. 
  1. Nuts five times per week 
  1. One glass of wine per day. 

This message has to get out to the African American community, fast and “in a hurry”. 

RENEE CHENAULT FATTAH, has taken on the task with her documentary, IN OUR RIGHT MIND. Here she is at the Baltimore Md. Premier.

The Deputy Director of Genetics and Extended Care at the VA in Maryland is Dr. Nana Yaw Adu-Sarkodie. He has some advice. 

Yes, We Can !

When the Pointers sisters sang “Yes we can can”, I do not think, they had any idea what concentric circles were bestirred? So much so, that Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, modified it, and with his oratory intonation, YES, WE CAN, became a campaign slogan, that took the country by storm, and him the presidency. 

It is said, behind every great man is a woman, how about reversing that?

Barack Obama inspired women, and his inspiration birthed, the ME-TOO movement. “I can do anything a man does!”… the exclamation mark is intentional. 

In 1869 Army major, John Wesley Powell, led a group through the treacherous Colorado Valley. There is no documentation of women “manning” such an expedition. Not until now. 

MEN IN BOATS is a journey of 10 women navigating the Colorado, following the exact map of Major Powell. 

KAI HEATH, one of 10 performers in MEN ON BOATS, Center Stage, Baltimore, Md.

To find out how they made it, would require you obtaining tickets to see the show at Center Stage Baltimore. 

The Black Aesthetic in 2019

A Baltimore Living Room, by Mickalene Thomas

If you have not fully comprehended the reasoning behind the “Million Man March”, “The Black Panthers” movement, or the loss of NAACP’s impact on the people of color, then you may not understand what is meant by THE BLACK AESTHETIC. 

The concept was born to give rise to the recognition of black art, as part of the comprehensive collective of artistry. 

Even though the rise seemed in opposition to the establishment, it was a demand to be included, humanized, not relegated. 

The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) has taken another step to show its open-mindedness. Black Aesthetic Artist MICKALENE THOMAS, was given the carte blanche, to have her way with two floors and the entrance way to the museum. 

It’s astonishing what she has done, transforming the entrance way. As though I was on Chester Street, Baltimore Md. 21213., where folk “hung out” on marble stoops, smoked cigarettes, and did other things peculiar to the neighborhood. 

Visitors to the museum, will enjoy the shock, where Mickalene gives a peek as to what you may find in such a home, including a backyard terrace and a basement bar. 

The video below is a synopsis of my experience. The exhibition runs through May 2021, A must see!!!