Remember, ONE LOVE People

Volunteers for Bahamas Relief at Langston Hughes Center, Park Heights, Baltimore Md.

It is not over people. The brethren in the Bahamas, continue to hurt. The United Nations is estimating that 76, 000 have been left homeless, and continue to need desperate help.

This means there is crucial need for temporary housing, food and water. Here in Baltimore, the Carnival One Committee, whose efforts gained commitments from former Senator Larry Young, and George Mitchell (Langston Hughes Center, Park Heights), continue to appeal to the Caribbean community in Baltimore, to embrace the “one love” concept, and give financially.

With global warming a reality, your island may be next in the months to come. Public support from the Caribbean community has been tepid, according to Elaine Simon, a diligent Caribbean advocate, whose home island Antigua, suffered almost a wipe out, in 2017.

Monetary Appeal.
Youth appeal.

“One love

One heart”

(hear the children crying !)

So said Jamaican reggae star, Bob Marley. So the appeal is for us to “get together…to feel alright” by giving.

(“One Love” courtesy, of Universal Musical Group, parent company of Island Records)