The first black man to graduate with a PhD, from Harvard, was W.E. Dubois, who was born in Massachusetts, not too far from America’s most prestigious university.

Dubois’s “SOULS OF THE BLACK FOLK” was published in 1903, but how relevant the content to our time! (Note this is not a question but a statement).

Du Bois disliked Booker T. Washington who became the spokesperson for African Americans, and who  accepted segregation. Du Bois was furious and  stomped on the single-mindedness of African American leadership’s emphasis on attaining wealth, forgetting the underclass, thus creating  a “complex of consciousness”, to quote Dr. Nimi WARIBOKO.

 He was here in Baltimore, expounding on Du Bois’s impact on African American progress in the political theatre, and whether politicians of today have gone the way of Booker T. Washington.

That same night November 13, 2019, the POSITIVE PEOPLE AWARDS, was held in Baltimore, Md. Mayor Jack Young was in attendance. I wanted to know whether the honorees were capturing “the souls of black folk”, as Du Bois yearned for; I approached the mayor:

Here we go Baltimore, from the Civil Rights movement, 1960 to 2020, sixty years. What does it say, when we witness the gentrification of Coppin, and Morgan State, while the surrounding neighborhoods of these HBCUs look like war zones ?

Are these leaders capturing the “SOULS OF THE BLACK FOLK” ?

The first line of the accepted black National Anthem reads: “Lift every voice…”,… not some. Here’s a reminder:


Trick or Treat !!!

We know this to be a phrase, shouted primarily by kids, given candy, that they may not steal from the grocer nearby.

From the 9th century to now, the evolution from devil worship to mass balls with extravagant costumes, has become an economic boom for retailers, and a headache for parents.

So this Irish/British pagan ritual adopted by Catholicism, became a time of guilt, or soul searching, primarily by the rich, who committed the most sins, then gave leftovers to the poor, that God may spare their rich dead relatives from being stricken from the book of life. “See God, what I have done for the poor!”

The answer came back, …”yeah right!”

Ellen, Khalil and Rikki Vaughn

So anything can happen on Halloween,… “trick of treat weekend”. A soul may be saved, a marriage annulled, a first born, yelling “I’m finally here, hello world!”

For me it was the arrival of RIKKI VAUGHN, his wife and son.

I was at the rally, Donations for Bahamians, in Baltimore Md., when Rikki and his family walked up, and with that wide smile, uttered the sentence, “I’m running for Mayor of Baltimore City”. ..TRICK or TREAT !

Here’s his story:

Rikki Vaughn, entrepreneur, par excellence, seeking a political franchise in Baltimore, Md.

Rikki Vaughn, entrepreneur, par excellence, seeking a political franchise in Baltimore, Md.


I hardly ever clap at the end of a movie; for this one, I did. I was moved to do so before the credits began to run.

The film is relevant not only to Maryland, but to the African wherever he may live.

Find a woman who believes in you!

Support each other in the quest for life and exquisiteness!

The biggest traitor to the African, is his own. He sold his brother for money, and it’s still happening today. From the Ivory Coast to the mountains of South America. It is sadly being repeated.

When Jim Brown (famous football player, Hall of Famer) went to Trump Tower in 2017, what was he saying to Barak Obama ?

It is often heard among those  who recently “found Jesus”, the question, “What would Jesus do?”

Harriet was her brother’s keeper, not 7 times, but,… (Matt. 18: 21,22)

It is unfortunate that there are rats or weeds dwelling among us, proponents of fake news, sell outs, as the movie highlights.

KASI LEMMONS, Courtesy Demon Dahlen, Huffington Post.

A gentleman’s salute I proffer to the director, an African American woman KASI LEMMONS, what an achievement!

Her husband Vondie Curtis and son Henry Hunter Hall, played pivotal roles in the movie (Yeah!!!)

The abolitionists were white, England abolished slavery in 1833. The American Emancipation Proclamation was 1863. The white colonialists had to pass an amendment in 1865. Slavery was replaced with sharecropping, another kind of slavery! Today it is the credit score, or the credit card, and don’t talk about the psychological slavery, gambling. The Lottery. THESE BLACK LAWYERS, suburbanites; black pastors building mega churches, at the expense of the poor, who have bought in to the giving to gain a place in heaven.

Here in Baltimore, we are scrambling for leadership at the Mayor’s table; we have had two Harriett’s, who behaved like carpetbaggers, a.k.a., resembling the African traitors who sold their own like cargo to Europeans, who brought them cross Atlantic corralled like pigs parading through the streets of Baltimore (Pigtown).

The congressional 7th District Seat is available. I watched the free slaves gather around their nominee, who has a tattered past. This group is nominating Barabbas, for he is a safe bet. To look for a Jesus type, would upset the apple cart.

Under such circumstances, Is there another Harriet Tubman in the offing? If so, I beg you,…Please stand up!


Remember, ONE LOVE People

Volunteers for Bahamas Relief at Langston Hughes Center, Park Heights, Baltimore Md.

It is not over people. The brethren in the Bahamas, continue to hurt. The United Nations is estimating that 76, 000 have been left homeless, and continue to need desperate help.

This means there is crucial need for temporary housing, food and water. Here in Baltimore, the Carnival One Committee, whose efforts gained commitments from former Senator Larry Young, and George Mitchell (Langston Hughes Center, Park Heights), continue to appeal to the Caribbean community in Baltimore, to embrace the “one love” concept, and give financially.

With global warming a reality, your island may be next in the months to come. Public support from the Caribbean community has been tepid, according to Elaine Simon, a diligent Caribbean advocate, whose home island Antigua, suffered almost a wipe out, in 2017.

Monetary Appeal.
Youth appeal.

“One love

One heart”

(hear the children crying !)

So said Jamaican reggae star, Bob Marley. So the appeal is for us to “get together…to feel alright” by giving.

(“One Love” courtesy, of Universal Musical Group, parent company of Island Records)