Will Smith is NOT the Gemini Man

John Muhammad and John Lee Malvo, in 2002 (Pic. from Pinterest)

Donald Trump: ‘I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters’ , the state of Iowa, 2016

Belief in his invincibility, incredulous!. A “boatload” of this character is in GEMINI MAN. Trained by the United States military, a marksman par excellence, who can shoot a target moving at 151 miles per hour. In the movie he is connected to a highly specialized weapons lab, equivalent to what the CIA has in Langley Virginia, GEMINI Labs.

The head of this lab is run by a character with the molecular content of Donald Trump. Be loyal or “you’re fired!”

Will Smith’s character had 72 successful missions, but he was giving the Mastermind doubts about his loyalty, the inevitable was about to be realized, “kill him!”. But, millions of dollars were spent making him this super sniper,… who will replace him? (Not in the Trump thought process) but very much so in the mind of the Mastermind. Will’s character’s name is Henry. While he was visiting GEMINI labs for a physical, under anesthesia, a cell was taken from him, and a chip was placed in his body, therefore, without his knowing, wherever Henry went, the Mastermind knew. The Mastermind is played by Clive Owen.

He is now ready to put his plan into action. From the cell he developed another Henry (a clone), younger, faster, and trained him to kill; half of Henry’s age, it was time.

Will Smith is black, African American, and he is money in the bank for Hollywood producers. Young Will in the movie is told that his father died mysteriously, the reason why he was adopted by a white parent, who happens to be, Mr. Mastermind: “you will do what your father says!…”(loyalty)… I can see the Black Social Workers Association, objecting to those scenes in the film. Black youth are disproportionately without fathers at home, thus vulnerability filters in, the youth finding themselves to carrying out the wishes of those who have infiltrated their minds, even kill for their manipulators.

(Flashback! I have seen this before. 2002 John Muhammad, ex-military, with the “kid”, John Lee Malvo; terrorized the D.C. metro area, killing 13 people)

Then, there are ones in the general population, who have fathers, but have become converted assassins of the American Constitution, they carry the title of Jurist Doctor, attached to their names.

In the 1960’s through 1980’s Africa witnessed a hot bed for this, government after government, being overthrown by young army officers; Idi Amin of Uganda was the classic. Hitler begun the practice, followed by the Bolsheviks, then the Communists, coming close to home with Fidel Castro, in Cuba.

While Will Smith’s character was not the GEMINI Man, but his clone was, here lately we have seen the mental cloning of the electorate. To survive and overcome, we, the others, not under the cloud of the “Mastermind”, will have to hold hands and become the human tornado with a force of speed not heretofore recorded, to thus destroy the clones from the figurative, GEMINI labs, in their attempts to flood our environment.

Published by Oswald Copeland

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