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No, this is not the “middle passage” where slaves from Africa were forced into ships to travel against their will, heading to North America (the 13 colonies, in the 1600’s).

Abaco island, in the Bahamas, is one of many that some considered paradise. Now that paradise is lost, demolished by hurricane Dorian, what to do? Thousands for years, have reaped the sweetness of paradise, served by people like those in the above picture. There they  are, in the “belly of the whale”.

The Grand Bahamas ABACO Islands (Baltimore Md.) relief Committee, for the help of our brethren in the Bahamas. Of the 12 members, present today from (L-R) Laughton Sargeant, Reynold Small, Senator Larry Young, Owen Charles, Travis Winkey, and Dr. Elaine C Simon .

Here in Baltimore Md., the Grand Bahamas Committee has been formed, chaired by Dr. Elaine Simon (Caribbean Festival); Larry Young (former senator of MD.); Rick Nugent (Jamaica association of MD.); Delegate, MD. House: Regina Boyce; Dr. Joy Bramble, Baltimore Times; Owen Charles (Trinidad & Tobago Association); Reynold Small (a.k.a. Golden Touch, promoter); Kevin Wallace (Printworks MD.) George Mitchell (Langston Hughes Community Center); Patricia Harracksingh (Peace in America); Travis Winkey (Premier Fashion Consultant);Angelo Carter (Island Code); Laughton Sargeant (Image Band).

Folks are holding on, let’s get in line, forming that step ladder to revitalization.

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