“the little lady is dope”. (La petite femme est dynamique!)

You are an artist, more specifically a collage artist, when one of the most prominent playhouses in the city comes knocking. Set decorations in stage plays can enhance the overall concept, and magnifying the entire production. When Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, there was no idea it would be in musicals, handkerchiefs andContinue reading ““the little lady is dope”. (La petite femme est dynamique!)”

Billie Holiday! Meet THa MuthaFunkahoIX!

Pennsylvania and North Avenues, Baltimore Maryland. Go North on Pennsylvania, there exists Baltimore City’s biggest Mall, MONDAWMIN; head South, University of Maryland Hospital, home of the famous SHOCK TRAUMA wing. The pivot of these two sides is THE ARCH SOCIAL CLUB, which continues to represent black or African American entertainment, surviving segregation and integration. “BackContinue reading “Billie Holiday! Meet THa MuthaFunkahoIX!”