Baltimore Hip-Hop, artists, JPope and Salim, part of Wendell Patrick’s Weather Report.

It’s Saturday in Baltimore. The weather as most of the country, has suffered from hails of uncertainty: rain, tornados, tree fallings, sink holes, and traffic accidents. This particular Saturday, the temperature hovered between 85 and 90 degrees, no wind to speak of, and low humidity.

As evening dawned, the dissipation can be felt, a soft breeze came over the city, the flowers in the garden, gave nods, and instantly like out of a cannon, a flock of black mini birds graced the sky with excitement.

Perhaps, it was because down below on earth, in the said garden, musical melodies were ” vaping” skyward. Wendell Patrick is black musical artist! The black birds in the sky? Uhhhm. I agree, I am stretching. However, once you get to the end of this commentary, you and I may be doing the “two finger” signal for “we agree”.

WENDELL PATRICK is a gift to his parents, and Peabody Conservatory of Baltimore Md.; gave him a spaceship to demonstrate certifiably his musical genius.

Come with me to the garden of the Baltimore Museum of Art, where Wendell, his quartet, and guests, deliver the weather report: