What happens when a black child was raised in the white suburbs in the 1980’s ? It became a struggle. A male who was not picked for the football team, ended up probable playing LACROSSE… WHAT???His interests were jazz, R&B, but he is asked to rap. The nearest Popeye’s  Chicken, was not nearby

Artwork by Alex Holyoake

The black girl wanting to fit in, began copying her white counterparts: purple hair, purple and green; fake eyelashes.

The Asian beauty shops saw the trend, and began importing Brazilian, and Asian hair in different textures and lengths.

The suburban black kids had money to spend on these makeovers, not so with the urban residents. However, they found ways to get that money.

The suburban black kid got labeled, “OREO”, when among his or her peers, who were not suburbanized.

As part of ARTSCAPE, a financial scholarship of $25,000 was awarded to an outstanding artist for his/her work concerning the life of the Greater Baltimore Region. The ceremony was under the auspices of the Janet & Walter Sondheim portfolio of the Walters Art Galleries.

From the seven finalists, emerged AKEA BRIONNE BROWN, who grew up in Howard County, one of the top three counties in Maryland. Here’s a copy of her postcard:

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